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The Little Brown Book adventures across London (and further) wouldn't be the same without dedicated members of #TeamFun.
Let me introduce you to some committed members who also spill the beans over the world wide web:

Matt from Matt The List 
Zoe from Are We On Time
Cat from Feeding The CatLo:Pa
Jack from Richly Deserved
Laura from Heroine in Heels

The Little Brown Book is always accepting applications for #TeamFun and there is no deadline for submissions. Applications can be in any form, shape or size and are sometimes granted without the applicant having applied (well done you). However, to be accepted into the fold of fun, one must tick all the boxes below:

 a) Have an insatiable appetite (for food and fun).
b) Be willing to leave your borough of London (or elsewhere) and trek far and wide for the cause.
c) Maintain composure and avoid irritation when a camera is produced.
d) Share food, share drinks, share the love.
e) Understand that there is always space for dessert.
f) Prefer to sit at the bar and distract/ entertain/ compliment the bar staff.
g) Not raise an eyebrow when a dinosaur, a googly eye, finger puppet or other small, seemingly childish toy is produced in a smart (or otherwise) establishment.

If you fancy bringing even more fun and a suitable dose of insanity to the table, get in touch at thelittlebrownbookblog@gmail.com or just yell in my general direction. That should do it.

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