Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Orangery

A Royal Breakfast

A cheeky little morning jaunt somehow ended up in my arrival at The Orangery in Kensington Palace Gardens. Accompanied by Prince William (I decided I’d rather have the fresh air than travel by helicopter), we arrived at the gorgeous entranceway just in time for breakfast. (William had some business to attend to, so decided to give food a miss). 

With a little gang of other keen beans, we skipped down the hallway of the stunningly bright and white Orangery, dreaming we were part of Queen Anne's 18th Century royal court. Meanwhile, the sunshine streamed in through the enormous windows to give us that much needed morning boost and suggestion of Vitamin D (oh Spring I'm ever so glad you've finally sprung)!

The serene glamour oozed around each pristine white column, statue and crisp table cloth but without a hint of ponse. While I would avoid arriving here in a state of dishevelment, ball gowns are not required (unless you want to return with me and have a bit of a waltz down the room).

We were seated at an awfully lovely table adorned with equally lovely crockery and began to peruse the menu. Coffee first! (And apple juice).

After I was cappuccino-ed up, it was time to plan my point of attack. The menu had something for everyone, breakfast really does provide for most tastes and at a very reasonable price too given that we were on royal soil!

Having recently discussed the delights of egg poaching (seriously, I need one of these in my life), it was only ever going to be Eggs Benedict for me. Of course the customary umm-ing and ahh-ing about the waffle option ensued but we came to an appropriate ‘get everything’ arrangement (..and then went a bit mental on Instagram..).

The table was filled with all the breakfasts. Royale's, Benedict's delicious cinnamon cream and apple waffles, full English's, fruit salads and cups upon cups of tea.

Understanding that their restaurant had just been invaded by a group of camera's leading their pet humans behind them, the staff were a delight and no request was too much (aside from giving us Prince Harry's number. Something to do with client confidentiality blah blah blah)!

We were left with that comfortable, cosy contentedness and no desire to leave and start the day. Breakfast begins at 10am, so while it is a rather luxurious week day excursion, I'm sure the bright ones amongst you could come up with a reason to hold a very important offsite breakfast meeting!

A huge thank you to The Orangery for hosting us and to this lovely lady for inviting me along, (you can see her stunning photos here).

That's all from me for now .. go poach an egg, I dare ya!

The Orangery
Kensington Palace
Kensington Gardens
London W8 4PX

020 3166 6113

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  1. I will come back to this place, its huge and open, and have really tall ceilings. Wait staff was also pretty good. Bartender was awesome and personable. I was really pleased with my party at venues in Atlanta. Ha! I highly recommend these guys.