Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Vaults

Mardi Gras-ing Carnivarle style with Kansas Smitty's & Shotgun Carousel!

It's of absolutely no secret to those who know me, that I'm a little bit of a dressing up fiend. Give me some face paints, an excuse to wear them and I'm already going way over board designing a costume that will be incredibly difficult to move in and probably take hours to make. Cat ears can take a hike. I'm about all the feathers, all the fabulous and all the fun.  

If this rings true to any of you then you're going to love what's going on at The Vault in Waterloo this weekend. If you're of the 'cat ears' variety, it'll be a whole load of fun for you too (but if you see me, expect to have glitter thrown your way)!

Shotgun Carousel and the ever wonderful gypsy jazzing Kansas Smitty's have teamed up to invite everyone to join them to celebrate Mardi Gras where the carnival spirit of the Deep South will be fizzing through everyone's feet! It's late night, it's jazzai, it's a New Orleans-style musical parade with all the dancing and delights on the South Bank. What more could you wish for on your Friday/ Saturday night?!

Get your crazy costume on and get ready for the ride, it's going to be super!

 Book your tickets here for Friday or Saturday (10pm - 3am) and hop on board.

There'll be prizes for the most outlandishly dressed and the King and Queen of Mardi Gras will be crowned!

The event also raises awareness for Backyard Gardeners Network, which is a nonprofit organisation, based in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward neighbourhood, helping to build a stronger community through the cultural tradition of growing food. http://backyardgardenersnetwork.org

So, go find your flair, hunt for this pair and I'll see you there!

(Didn't I say I loved face painting?!)


  1. Here the lighting is a little brighter than lounge setting, and you can sit at one of their many tables, or grab a seat by the bar. With a large menu of beers, you might have trouble picking just one. The music at the venues Chicago is always upbeat with a mixture of rock and pop, and the food menu is large as well as their seating.

  2. Lucky you. I love such kind of parties and what pleasure would it be if only I had such parties at the place I live in.