Monday, 2 November 2015

Forest on the Roof

A Chocolate Forest 

Winter is very much just around the corner and with it come the swirling mists (seriously, can't see out of my window right now), wafts of mulled wine and endless snuggle opportunities. Facilitating the latter two is Forest on the Roof from Selfridges and Des McDonald

Brand spanking new for the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness (merci Keats), the top floor restaurant has been transformed, ready to rescue tired and hungry shoppers from Dante's Inferno (aka Oxford Street). 

Take the special express life up to the roof and settle into the comfort of this perfect winter pit stop.

The magic has been ramped up a notch with sparkling lights leading you through a twinkling twiggy tunnel.

When you enter the main restaurant, I challenge you not to squeal a little bit (at least inside) at the divine interior. If there is anywhere to de-stress after your wallet has undergone a minor haemorrhage, this should do the trick.

The menu is bursting with seasonal and foraged dishes but we had other things in mind. Exchanging a quick coffee for a dessert and something a little stronger was the plan and we executed it impeccably with our choice of the utterly guilt-free chocolate forest (£8). (I use 'guilt-free' most loosely),

Chocolate shards, honeycomb, raspberry sorbet and meringue hide the light chocolate mousse, salted caramel sauce and blackcurrant syrup surprise inside. Excessive plate envy also followed and mental note has been made to scour Selfridges kitchenware department on my return.

If you want to smoke (nasty habit, please refrain, it's gross and smelly), or take a warm tankard of tasty but over-priced mulled wine (£9.50) then make your way to the back of the restaurant and settle into one of these sweet little lodges, fully equipped with antlers, heaters and all the sheepskin rugs that you could wish for - snuggles galore!

That's your lot for now, Little Brown Book over and out. (Tomorrow, I'm going to let you in on a secret)!

Opening Times
Mon - Tues 11am - 9pm 
Wed - Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 12pm - 6pm

Grab your table here or call 020 7318 3287


  1. I love the Selfridges on the Roof series and this looks so cute!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

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  3. Des McDonald's fly up has had a disco makeover for 2016-17. The topic is charmed forest meets Studio 54: twinkly fairylights emphasized with pink neon; high sprigs strewn with sparkle balls. Outside on the porch are a modest bunch of cover filled lodges; the ideal place to comfortable up in case you're sufficiently fortunate to catch a spot. Inside, hailing customers blend with a jaunty night out on the town swarm, with whom the housetop eatery has turned into a hit over its six incarnations. This year the mixed drink list proceeds with the disco subject: besting the menu is the Glitterball Punch, a vat of vodka and Frangelico with lemon, sugar and grapefruit intended to be shared, Mahiki style, from a colossal sparkling disco ball. Specified By

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