Friday, 16 October 2015

Shotgun BBQ

Savour the South

And London just keeps on dishing out the delights. This time it's in the form of Shotgun Bbq in Soho, the latest concept from Mississippi-born Brad McDonald and Marylebone's The Lockhart

Mastering a classic long, slow bbq cooking style, expect to find smoked ox tongue, tender brisket, and fall away Boston Butt along with serious side offerings and soft serve ice cream for afters. 

Heavily committed to the London restaurant scene, we weren't going to miss out on the 50%-off soft launch, so understandably failed to engage much self control when selecting our lunch time feast.

The Lunchtime sandwiches (burgers) are a bit naughty, but not your flat-lining coronary-inducing trouble makers. Packed inside fluffy potato buns, we opted for smoked ox tongue with oyster mayo and melted onions (drooly drool etc) and the Bologna with pickle mayo and Westcombe cheddar. Both provoked a 'phwoar' situation with the accompanying beetroot, baked potato puree and coleslaw excellently balancing out the meaty feast.

The winner of the savoury show however had to be the Boston Butt. It effortlessly tumbled apart with a slightly spicy kick and left us all with widened eyes and satisfied belly's.

At the delicious marble topped bar stretching the length of the restaurant, there's a boozy cocktail list compiled by Matt Whiley (aka The Talented Mr Fox) and kept ship shape and super smooth by James Stevenson. Watch this space, I predict there won't be much elbow room once word spreads about his creatively cool concoctions!

London's appetite for fancy fittings is insatiable, as is mine, and I'm a sucker for lighting. Equally fascinated by the interior as I am with the food, Shotgun Bbq is no exception and I couldn't get enough of the fish bowls casting a faintly pinkish glow against roughly painted white walls and the test tube-esque filament bulbs lighting up each table.

With space freed up for dessert, it was time to climb back aboard. Superior sour cherry and milk chocolate soft serve were not to be missed. We also had it on great authority that they would beat Mr Whippy hands down and we weren't disappointed. 

Accompanying our ice cream, was a gooey chocolate brownie coated in a goats milk chocolate sauce. I am an open minded soul but under no situation can I be persuaded in favour of goats cheese/ milk or any other dairy-based goat item. I let my guard down this once. Oops. 
I appreciate I may be in the minority but if you are one of the few who share my distaste, abstain from the sauce, it tastes of goat. The brownie was delicious though.

I'll be back in no time for one of these guys!

Kitchen: Noon - 11.30
Bar: Noon - Midnight

26 Kingly Street



  1. Oh wow these desserts look amazing!

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