Monday, 3 August 2015

Blu Top Ice Cream

Ice Cream You Scream

News Flash!! It has been announced by the powers that be, that summer is returning to us. Load up the ice trays, wheel out the barbeque, slather on the factor not enough and grill yourself in the (err) just about 20 degree heat. Now what would be more perfect than a cold tasty treat?
I woke up last weekend with a craving that only one thing would satisfy. An ice cream sandwich. Niche I know, but having heard that Blu Top Ice Cream was patiently waiting for me at the new Druid Street Market in Bermondsey, on the tube I went to get my hit.

To keep a continuous churning of choice, Blu Top make all their ice creams in their Battersea Ice Cream Cave (or kitchen) in small batches to make sure it is just right. A bee line was made towards the glistening blue van and without any shame or hesitation, it was decided that ice cream for breakfast was on the cards. I clearly wasn't the only one interested!

3 Steps to glory was all it took (and an extra 5 minutes umming and ahhing over the choices).

Step # 1 - Pick an ice cream - I went for white coffee and doughnut (a trial flavour but I was a very happy guinea pig)!

Step # 2 - Pick the cookies - It was a double chocolate on one side and a brown butter on the other - double the trouble!

Step # 3 - Pick the toppings - Salted caramel sprinkles and a generous drizzle of pecan sauce completed the superb handful.


Photo credit: Matt Hickman

To accompany your sandwich of wondrousness, how about a root beer float? I'll be back for mine next time! There absolutely will be a next time because this is one special sandwich .. droolworthy doesn't even begin to describe it. 

The guys at Blu Top are at Kerb in West India Quay every Friday, here at Druid Street Market every Saturday and are available for hire (quick, think of an event and book them in)!
If one ice cream sandwich isn't enough for you, Timeout has compiled a great roundup of their favourites here. Just around the corner from Druit Street is Maltby Street Market where Milo & Hector's have thrown their hat into the game - time for a sandwich off?! Game awwwwn!