Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Summer Tales

London Jungle

Summer in London is trying so hard to arrive but when it finally does, it really is the best! So, let's make the most of the little pockets of sunshine England will allow us at least and hop on over to Old Street for a trend fest (this really is where all the cool kids are) at the newly launched Summer Tales of Night Tales fame and fortune.

This time they bring us tree house bars which you can hire for the evening, hammocks where you can swing, sipping on margaritas, the infamous Pizza Pilgrims, burgers or lobster rolls from Burger and Lobster and the most excellent smelling wood chip floor around.

We skipped around the huge sun terrace relishing the sunshine, chomping on steak from Walter and Monty and sipping on cocktails from the tree house bar observing all the happenings below. The atmosphere is on point, with loungers on beanbags, deck chairs and picnic tables tucking into their feasts and chilled tunes accompanying the festival vibe all evening.

Background Bars have the booze sorted, with five new bars dotted around the space, including the Lazy Flamingo Bar, the Frozen Punch Bar, the Coco Shack and the Freixenet Bar, for all the sparkling wine and sangria you could wish for.

Other food offerings include Bonnie Gull, Forza Win and (more than the pineapples of) Bel Air. There really is something for everyone whether you're looking for a foodie feast, a boozy break, or just some chilled chooons!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Arrive early to avoid disappointingly long queues and get your NT tattoo (washable-offable). Summer tales has hit the spot and since Red Market has a limited capacity, they aren't afraid to use their iron fist and bar entry once the place is full. Don't be that guy but do look out for this cheeky monkey.
Summer Tales is open 6-11, Thurs - Sat throughout the summer at the Red Market, 288 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DP.



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