Friday, 12 June 2015


Wild about Fera

A special occasion calls for a special location, and Simon Rogan's Fera is tipping the balance in London at the moment. Collecting accolades month by month, his cooking is exciting, enciting, inventive and comforting, all in one Michelin starred mouthful.

Nestled through a velvet corridor inside Mayfair's Claridges Hotel, prepare to be enveloped in the relaxation and calm of a truly handsome restaurant that brings a breath of fresh air and a marriage of all things British.

To start the proceedings, along came a blue cheese whipped mouthful atop a melt-on-the-tongue cracker piece. As is customary, I got all over excited about the bark serving tray which received an equal amount of scrutiny as the creamy amuse bouche it was holding.

Fera, meaning ‘wild’ in Latin, reflects its name as soon as you enter the dining room. Right in the centre sits a gorgeous tree sculpture, twisting and turning up towards the ceiling. Keeping true to the natural roots of Rogan's cooking, Designer Guy Oliver has created a stunning space that simultaneously appears grand yet retaining a peacefully warm atmosphere which puts you immediately at ease.

Now I'm going to let you in on the not so secret but tremendous offer from Bookatable of 3 courses with a glass of Champagne for £35. It is a delight when fine dining doesn't burn a hole in your pocket!

So, off we go..

To start:

Grilled salad with Isle of Mull cheese, (seriously smooth and dreamy) truffle custard and cobnuts. This is a dish of textures, from the warm salad leaves (yes, this does work), to the crunchy nuts and creamy custard.

Flamed mackerel, chicory and apple marigold with radishes instead of pickled mushrooms (thank you Fera,) was delicate and subtle with a slight smokiness from the flaming.

The Mains:

My dish of the day was the corn fed chicken, bbq leeks, spring onions, nettle and elderflower. The sous vide chicken was tender beneath the perfectly crisp skin and I'm never cooking leeks in any other way ever again! This was a 'make sure nobody is looking and then lick the plate' sort of dish.

Plaice in anise hyssop, celery, chard and beetroot was creamy, sharp and unexpected. That's the thing about this sort of dining. There are few things I like less on my plate than anise, but it's time to throw those sort of niggles out the window and let the skill of the chef do the talking, this dish was delicious with all its elements.  

To Finish:

We both jumped aboard the seriously smoked chocolate cream, peanut ice cream, verjus caramel and groans of delight. There was no subtlety about the smoke here. This was at face in the bonfire sort of levels and I loved it!

Oh and there was more.
The 3 courses were complimented by some extra nibblets in the form of blackcurrant meringue and sweet pine fudge, an excellent couple of mouthfuls to accompany our tea time. That little timer had me all in a flutter and has been added to my unnecessarily necessary wish list, (other items include a bar globe and a penguin cocktail shaker).

Before we departed, I sneaked into the miniature but perfectly formed bar hiding in the corner of the restaurant. Carefully selected bottles of London based spirits were on display along with lines of bitters and stunning cocktailware. The sense of pride glimmers along the bartop as everything is arranged just as it should be beneath the rather glorious artwork of some of the restaurant's more recognisable clientele.

The Star Deals from Bookatable are a sneaky gift that you really should keep an eye out for.

With options ranging from £20 - £40 pp, you'll find treats from the likes of Roux at The Landau, Gordon Ramsey's Maze and The Ritz alongside The Lecture Room at SketchAqua Kyoto and Picture

It will be an eternal bafflement as to why you would spend your hard earned pennies on stale old chains when you can spend the same amount and be wowed off your seat!

Mais bon nuit Fera, you were an absolute delight.

49 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

Open every day:

Lunch 12:00 - 14:00
Dinner 18:30 - 22:00

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

On this occasion, we dined as guests of Bookatable.


  1. I cannot believe that deal you got - and the options you had are great as well, usually prix fixe can be a little underwhelming but that is incredible value for those dishes. I've wanted to go to Fera for so long - the dining room is just so beautiful! Glad it was amazing. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. Hi Andrea,
      It really was delightful and they were happy to switch and change things in line with various dietary niggles. You must go :)
      E x

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