Friday, 22 May 2015

Darwin Brasserie @ Sky Garden

Bottomless Brunching

There's another carriage to add to the brunch train but this one is 36 floors up, resting high above the city amongst a garden in the sky. Darwin at the aptly named Sky Garden couldn't be better placed for when you want to escape the ground below and disappear for a while.

After our trip through airport security, we hopped into the lift and up, up and away we went. The views of London are spectacular so keep your fingers crossed for bright skies and leave plenty of time to stop on your way up through the gardens at the various viewpoints which provide unparalleled people watching spots!

Sundays are brunch days and for £38 pp, Darwin has it totally covered. From 11.30 - 4.30 you'll find yourself seriously spoilt for choice with a breakfast buffet overflowing with sweet and savoury treats alongside a Bloody Mary bar, a milkshake station, and a menu packed full of eggs, pancakes, roasts and salads to choose from.
Pace yourself, you've a lot to get through!
We attacked the bottomless Bloody Mary station with an enthusiasm that the idea will always inspire. 'Bottomless' you say? Well that's just made my day. Take your pick from a fishy, beefy, spicy or virgin option and get creative with all the traditional added extras.
After over indulging in tomato town and planning our second mission of attack, it was time to even further indulge,(although technically it's all savoury at this point so it doesn't count at all). To the buffet for potato salads, cured meats, lemons in bags (love those pip avoiding guys), salmon and feta sprinkled asparagus.
Back between two ferns (couldn't help myself), we ​sat down to peruse the menu. The next stage was 'brunch' in the loosest term of the word, with options ranging from your traditional eggs royale (my mind was already made up), to ravioli, to a huge roast (more 'unch' than 'br'). There is pretty much something for everyone, just make sure you don't fill up on all of the salads because it's three meals in one here!
Gauzy lemon admired, it was onto the eggs royale. A perfect squelch of runny yolk oozed from the centre as the fork went in. God forbid a poached egg that fails the ooze test! My partner in crime approached the roast and valiantly began polishing the plate. Excellently cooked beef with a melt in the mouth monster Yorkshire ensured that we were in it for the long haul.
Taking a breather before we plunged into the dessert buffet should have been a necessity, but we couldn't handle it. The temptation was just too much and the waffles, tarts, crème brulee, fruit smoothies were calmly beckoning (prepare for drooltown).
Somehow I managed to regain some self control and went for a more minimalist approach (as minimalistic as one can hope for when presented with such a selection). Don't try and stop me taking the little tiny melon balls, those are just too much fun!

 And brunch was over, we were well and truly stuffed. A little tribute must go out to our cheery waiter Ismail, who, with his cheeky grin made the whole experience that extra bit more special. Hunt him down and say hello!
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  1. Oh my this looks amazing!! I've been up the Sky Garden and really liked it - now I need to visit this to take my next visit :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

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