Saturday, 25 April 2015

Street Feast

Street Feast - Model Market

Aaand they're back with a bang! Street Feast, true to tradition, brings you the busiest, liveliest street food market in town (until 3 Oct) with all the food, music, drinks, buzz you could wish for. Following Hawker House, they've somehow ended up down in Lewisham - great for all you Southern folks, not so tip top for the North of the River-ers (or really anybody else), but it is totally worth the hop, skip and jump it takes to get there.

Arrive before 7 and you'll avoid the £3 entry fee. Hands marked, we made our way into the hustle, bustle and delicious wafts from bbq's, grills, hot plates and ovens. Clutching our coins, it was time to choose.

This year's line up is a strong one, with street food vendors arriving from far and wide to bring all manner of treats to the hungry crowd:

Each vendor has been given a space to transform and make their own. There was no holding back, and each stall and window was more enticing than the last.

Topping the taste list without a doubt was Rola Wala, twisted Indian street food from Mark Wright & co.

They serve up naan sliders/ flatbreads piled high with:

Kashmiri chicken (with coriander, red onion pickle, fresh lemon and sweet mango chutney),

Keralan Daal (with beetroot, paneer and coconut channa daal, coriander, lemon raita, and mint & lime chutney) and 

12 Hour Goan Pork (with fresh curry leaves, telecherry pepper and pear & tamarind chutney) 

For £9 you can nab all three of these superbly flavoursome and punchy sliders.

The sprinkling of savoury hundreds and thousands (yes, that's what I'm calling them), atop the sweet, saucy curries added the perfect extra crunch that completes the portion. Already running a successful branch up in Leeds, Rola Wala is trying out London for size and if this is anything to go by, I have no doubt they'll be a roaring success. Watch this space, I predict a new opening ..

Also on offer to set your tastebuds-a-tingling .. 

Smokestak - If not for the smoky meat (probably should be for the smoky meat), Smokestak is headed by this bulging beast of a man - he has that swoony physique which will stop you in your tracks. I'd line up for ribs just to watch him at work (objectification? Perhaps, but he knows precisely how to draw in the crowds - those muscles don't make themselves)!

Yum Bun - soft, pillowy, dreamy steamed buns stuffed with a choice of meats, fish aaaand yes, ice cream! You really can't go wrong here so whatever you do, save a little corner of your stomach!

On offer when I visited are the options below, but each week their menu will change to include anything from chicken to Pollack to duck .. endless opportunity!

Slowly roasted pork belly, cucumbers, spring onions and hoi sin sauce

Crispy prawns, green chilli sambal, kewpi mayo, lettuce

Portobello mushroom, miso glaze, toasted walnuts

Coconut Ice Cream with Miso Butterscotch and Praline Ice Cream, or Coffee Ice Cream drizzled with Condensed Milk (see the excellent creation below).

Mama's Jerk - The chicken wings are hot. Very hot. 2 pints of water later and my eyes were still streaming, but if you're better with spice than I am, this is your place!

Bill or Beak - Bloomin' brilliant oriental style duck and chicken caesar burgers care of the lovely Josh & Lucy. 

SE Cakery - Just delightful. Brownies, strawberry skewers, bags of treats for all the sweet tooth's around, including an interestingly flavoured Mojito brownie.. you'll have to try that one for yourself!

The buzz is unavoidable. Everyone is stuffing their faces without shame, grinning as sauce dribbles everywhere and hands become a sticky, coated mess. Drinks are flowing, with pina coladas and punch alongside short and spritzy cocktails. Grab a gang and make the trip. Send someone to plonk themselves at a table and set up your space for the evening and then ready, set, go!

Music plays into the night from a seriously excellent sound system and fire pits will warm any exposed fingers because yes England, April does still count as winter right now! Before you leave, take a hop up to the Lewisham High Line grassy gallery where you can perch and watch the fun below. So. Much. Fun! 

Train it from Waterloo or London Bridge or take the DLR (Lewisham isn't as annoying to get to as Citymapper may have you believe)!

Bon chance!


  1. Ah this looks and sounds amazing! Im down South so hopefully won't even be too far for me to get there. Totally need to visit soon! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I missed out last year so got penciled in for this year a visit to go to town on all the stalls!

    Rachel x