Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Reform Social & Grill

The Great British Brunch

Because I seem to be on a bit of a roll here where brunch is concerned, I have another one for you. I'd probably shoehorn it fully into Sunday Lunch territory but who's complaining, I'm good with either!

Reform Social & Grill in London's ever delightful Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone is offering a quintessentially British brunch experience for you to get your teeth into.

We opted for the slightly unconventional brunch time of 6.30 on a Thursday evening to have our taster of what Reform Social has in store for many Sunday afternoons to come. So to whet our appetite, we gave a warm welcome to the Old Fashioned. There are many elements to judge a bar on and this is one of mine; if the Old Fashioned is made with the care and attention it deserves, you'll see a smile on my face.

We even had the pleasure of watching our barman share his tricks of the trade with a few culprits who were willing to put themselves in the spotlight!

Who could resist a drink off this smiling fellow! As the final cocktails were shaken, stirred, poured and sipped, ur thirst was well on the way to being quenched and it was time to check out the main name of the game.

Roll up, roll up, it's brunch time. With plenty of warm red booths to choose from, you'll find somewhere to snuggle into on a Sunday afternoon while the weather is being characteristically crap outside and all you want to do is eat cheese, drink wine, maybe with a roast or two amongst all that!

We took our seats as our brunch experience commenced. The name's Roast Beef, Ella Roast Beef!

And enter the ploughman's cheese board. A superbly creamy Tunsworth Cheese accompanied by all the dipping and dunking elements you see below. There are some secrets hiding behind the cheese but I don't want to give the whole game away!

After we had wallowed in melted cheese, the roast arrived with a Yorkshire pudding the size of my face drenched in beefy gravy with crisp roast potatoes, parsnips, cabbage, cauliflower and (yes) .. BEEF! It was a huge portion so don't go watching your waistline (that's not what Sunday's are for anyway)!

If all that wasn't enough (yes, totally stuffed by this point), the dessert platter made its entrance. Baked apple and ice cream, sticky toffee pudding and Bakewell tart piled high in front of us completed our meal.

The best part, (well, a significantly great value part), all of this is £30 pp. You might even get a cheeky grin from the barman. I hear he hates valentines day so who knows, perhaps you could change his mind for next year!

And because a Little Brown Book post wouldn't be complete without a snap of my favourite interior feature, meet Scotch and Dram, the guardians of the whisky. Not half bad names either .. anybody fancy opening up a bar with me and these guys?
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  1. Scotch and Dram can have a home in Gay Luke's...

    1. Well, that didn't really need to be said did it. They're already on their way :)

  2. Incredible value!! As a fellow avid brunch supporter I shall be rounding up my brunch club and heading over.... Is that cheese ploughmans really a starter for one??

    1. Haha, no that was between two, but still a monster amount! Glad you're committed to the brunch train .. so many stops on the journey!
      E x