Friday, 20 March 2015



On a little (massive) trip (trek) to Balham at a godearthly hour on Saturday morning, M1lk was our brunch location of choice. We were not the only ones with the bright idea, and the queue snaked outside the brightly lit interior into the chilly outside. With all its tiny dogs, flower stalls, giggling toddlers, and pretty people, Balham was in a fine mood that morning and we were about to be too.
Having eventually been seated, we grabbed our menus and stuck in. Today was a day for pancakes, poached eggs and crushed avocado. It was also a day for not having any cash and needing to leg it over to the cash point around the corner because M1lk doesn’t take cards, although considering what we were about to order, I shouldn’t complain about a little extra exercise.
Jumping off our high chairs and over to the neon signed bar, we ordered our brunch feast, being carefully observed by Jesus and his 3 wise men (12 dead butterflies)!
Flat white’s were a given and never a pair to turn down a milk bottle, we had to order a smoothie too because obviously things taste far better in novelty glassware...

The eggs Benedict arrived in a more deconstructed form than expected, still tasty, but since when is the piping hot hollandaise sauce not slathered over the top to keep the eggs warm?! Observing fellow diners, it appeared that our order might have been somewhat lost in translation!

The buckwheat pancake arrived with poached pear, clotted cream and crumbled rich tea biscuit, smothered in maple syrup. Yes, this was definitely the more indulgent option but hey, I made it south of the river and was in need of a reward.

Never one to miss the decorative intricacies, of course I noticed the suspended pram!

M1lk is a very popular brunch choice and the queue was still going strong when we left. Laid back and oozing with friendliness, even the most hung-over diner will be cheered up by the playful charm of this neighbourhood spot. Just make sure you're clear about your order!
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  1. I'm forever on the search for amazing brunch, but not sure I can trek to Balham so early to try it. Maybe I'll get around to it when I'm not so bloody lazy.

    1. Plenty more places coming up that aren't such a mission to get to! Totally obsessed with brunch right now! x

  2. I really love brunch and this looks like a quirky place. Pancakes are always great way to start any weekend even if it a treak Lucy x