Tuesday, 24 March 2015



For the latest installment of brunch club, it's the turn of Hotbox and you're not going to regret the indulgence of a brunch here. In fact, I think you'll find it's pretty important (although not for your waistline) that you return for many weekends to come!
Hotbox on Commercial Street is your one stop shop for bottomless bloody Mary's (£25), runny eggs, smokey meat, waffles and fried chicken, pancakes, french toast, mac and cheese .. interested yet?
You can book for tables of 6 or more but there's plenty of space for walk-ins, perfect for the hangover cure, the boozy brunch, the mate date, the date date or just to drop in for a coffee and a listen to the totally fantastic soundtrack compiled by the staff.
We took our seats and turned our attention to the menu, filled with all the things one could wish for in a brunch. There's meat, there's eggs, there's avocado but first thing's first, coffee and a Bloody Mary. 
                                                                 (Menu c/o hotboxlondon.com)
Today it was going to be the 'Green,' which was apparently their best seller and after the initial shock of being served a Bloody Mary which (unless I had a spontaneous onset of colour blindness), was not your usual ruby tomato red, it was clear to see why it was so popular. A perfect balance of cucumber and spice made it refreshing but with just enough of a kick to eliminate the remnants of last night. A good 'entry' Mary for those of you who claim not to like the drink, I challenge you not to be converted by this delicious tankard.

Back to selection stations where you won't want to employ any self control. Taking into account our sadly not so bottomless stomachs, we attempted take things slowly. For all our good intentions, this didn't work.  At all.

Drum roll please for the Belgian waffle with fried chicken, truffle salt and maple syrup. The chicken was tender and the batter light and crispy. The waffle was pillowy and soft and once the whole devilish partnership was drenched in maple syrup it was all we could do not to inhale the entire thing in one gigantic mouthful.

Since sharing is most definitely caring, the skillet smoked meat hash also took our fancy, with chunky cubes of potato, tomato and a crispy fried egg on top. Just the trick.
And then we went overboard with the mac n cheese but I'd like to see you try and resist this ..
With plenty of space for groups, pairs or even on your own (take a seat opposite the window and bring a book), there's no excuse not to drop by.
After our beauteous brunch, we were fit to burst and decided it was time for mint tea (and probably a nap). As expected, we were all delighted by the little tiny teapot. 

And it was of course necessary to inspect the bathroom. To reach it, you pass by a deliciously crumbly wall, with tiny candles tucked into the spaces between the bricks. Inside out design gets me every time! 
Toilets along the lines of sardine tins with foil covered walls caused giggles with a lovely little juxtaposition of breeze block and Aesop hand care that also raised a smile and an extra few minutes hand tlc!
So there you have it, a great reason to drag yourself out of bed at the weekend. Bring it on brunch!

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  1. Ohhhh this looks SO good! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

    1. I'm still dreaming of that waffle .. and that wall .. such a pretty wall!
      Glad you liked it!
      E x

  2. Hey the place looks incredible and every dish seems mouth-watering. I really want to try these dishes, and I have make my mind to went out for best boozy brunch nyc. Will find a good and inexpensive place for that!!