Monday, 2 March 2015

Beer & Buns

Popup Pinball

Let the beer meet the buns! And in the famous words of Mr McGuiness, you’ve got yourself a date! Welcome to Beer & Buns, a winning combination of soft, fluffy Japanese Hirata buns, chicken wings, beer, frozen margaritas, chalk boards and (drum roll please) .. pinball machines!

This great little pop up near Moorgate/ Liverpool Street (atop K10 on Appold Street) currently stocks the largest range of Japanese craft beer which is sold both by the bottle and on tap. It also happens to be the perfect accompaniment to buns, wings and more buns while you chill out on one of the large tables watching your friends getting violent with the foosball table or overexcited with the pinball machine (this bears no reflection on my behaviour .. promise ..).

If you aren’t persuaded by the beer, there are also a delicious range of alcoholic slushies. NB. Googly eyes not included, those are a product of my own childishness.

The steamed buns are priced at £3.25 a piece with an array of fillings from chicken karaage to pulled duck and teriyaki beef. The buns themselves are a little sticky and the fillings are well packed in so don’t try and talk in between mouthfuls (not that you would, terrible table manners)!

The wings are a bit of a sticky fest and arrive in their tray slathered in spicy and sweet sauce (emphasis on the spicy where the Korean Hot Wings are concerned – steam out the ears territory). At £9.95 for six sizeable wings, you’re onto a winner and can pick and choose between sweet, spicy and sweat inducing chilli levels.

Beer and Buns is a brilliantly social space and bridges the gap between nasty food pub and foodless bar. Get a group involved for some after work chill out time and make sure you add something spectacular to the walls – I went for some fellow blogger promo, feel free to do the same. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘The Little Brown Book sent me here’ (take a snap and send it my way, rewards may well follow)!

Thanks to the delightful Julian and co for looking after us, totally charming and I can’t wait to see Beer and Buns go from strength to strength. They’re onto something great, so watch this space!

Beer and Buns is open Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm but this might be subject to change so make sure you check out their website just in case!


  1. Not to far from work, need to check this out. And all reasonably priced! Wish the googly eye came with cocktails though! haha. x

  2. This appeals in so many ways and is near to work so this is definitely on the list. Yum Buns was a favouirte and then they moved from old street this really appeals Lucy x

  3. where can i but a foosball table in calcutta /india?
    mini foosball table