Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Hapiness Forgets & Original Sin

Sinful Happiness.

It’s a double whammy situation today. Two beautiful bars founded by Alastiar Burgess and his wonderful team of cocktail maestros.

Original Sin - Officially my new favourite spot, currently causing a state of distress due to its location up in Stoke Newington; a faraway land which I believe is somewhere North East (ish), the second bus threw my orientation right off kilter! 


Happiness Forgets - A tumble down the rabbit hole deal in Hoxton Square, thankfully a decidedly more central
location just a hop, skip and a jump from Old Street Station. Oozing with charm and trinkets. Look out for the giraffe and the decorative egg and get back to me.

Happiness Forgets

I shall start at the beginning. Happiness Forgets was the first brainchild of Monsieur Burgess. Tucked away in a basement, it is a pretty great date place, or an equally great people watching spot. 

All moody lighting and intimate seating, perfect for gazing deep into your partner’s mahogany brown eyes or even better for giggling at super awkward Tindates and unexpected couplings. Alternatively, you can take a seat at the frankly quite beautiful bar (candlelit shelves and brass brackets were always going to win me over), then attempt to charm the bar staff. Origami goes down pretty well so I believe. 

The mixed drinks & mischief are priced around £9 and the menu features imaginative, expertly handled twists on well known classics. If you fancy going rogue and off menu, I’m sure Dan the Magic Cocktail Man will whip you up something special. Since developing a taste for vermouth ( leather armchair on order), I’m rather partial to one of his sloe gin negronis.

Quite rightly so, this is one hell of a popular spot and although they do save some space for walk-ins, booking is definitely your best bet if you want to guarantee your happiness and forget the woes of the outside world. If (weep weep) there is no space, go and chill out with the boys at Loves Company who will always put a smile on your face!

Original Sin

Among all my moanings where Stoke Newington is concerned, I couldn't help but fall hopelessly in love with the second egg in the Burgess basket. With a wonderfully female heavy bar team (guys, I'm sure it's always a pleasure to watch a girl with a cocktail shaker), Original Sin is already causing a stir.

Original Sin is equally basement bound (beneath all the burgers at Stokey Bears) and the atmosphere is just as embracing as its Hoxton Square sibling. Looks like it might be time for a change of scenery - anybody got a room for a little 'un in Stoke New going spare?

Focussed less upon date destination and more around a friendly neighbourhood vibe, the room is set out with an everlasting bar and larger, communal booths where you can lounge around and absorb the warmth and candlelit beauty of your surroundings. It took me all of 2 seconds to decide there was was nowhere else I'd rather be.

The drop dead gorgeous pool table at the far end of the room will lure you in even further. At no cost per game and £7 -£8 for arguably some of the most skilfully concocted drinks around, you'd be a fool to ever want to leave! You might even get treated to some expert pool tuition if it is noticed that (like yours truly), you need to up your game/ generally get some game.

The drinks are made with unfaltering skill and Manager Tara Garnell's enviable wealth of knowledge about pretty much every spirit under the sun will ensure that whatever ends up in your hand will be just what you were looking for.

After a dabble in the menu, it was time to see where off piste would take us. This time, it was on a journey through Calvados Old Fashioned's, Amontillado Sherry concoctions, smoky Mezcal, pink ladies and an After Eight twist using the not as ruinous as expected Fernet. 

It took a seriously persuasive fear of missing the last tube to shift us from our seats but sadly we accepted that the time had come to head back to our own faraway land. We had taken a bite from the apple and there was no going back. Original sin has officially taken our innocence and it is only a matter of time before I'll return for another taste.

(Anybody who wants to brave the journey up to Stoke Newington to see this bountiful bar for themselves, tweet at me with a tortoise or other entertainingly unrelated emoticon and we can adventure that way together. Aren't new pals a blast)!

So here ends my tale of the double delight. Stop umming and ahhing about where to grab your next tipple and trust The Little Brown Book. Ignore the journey time to Original Sin, it's really not that treacherous but if you need easing in gently, Happiness Forgets will be sure to provide all the persuasive assistance necessary.

Bon Voyage!


  1. These places look amazing! Cocktails look to die for!

    Lauren xx


    1. Yes and yes! Amazing value for how well they're made and the bartenders are all delightful!
      E x