Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stokey Bears

A Bear Hunt.

To a faraway land more commonly known as Stoke Newington, a pair of wonderers set out on a quest. Their journey was treacherous, the heavens opened and yet the two travellers continued on their merry way. They were going on a bear hunt and by golly were they going to catch a big one, even if it cost them their lives (or the cab fare back to civilisation). Either way, neither would be swayed in their mission.

Cue Stokey Bears on Stoke Newington Road and the latest partnership between Bear Hug Brewing and Tom Reany from Burger Bear

Hopping on the ‘Ella holding things infront of her face' train (discover more here, here and here), meet Matt The List who can be seen modelling the AW14 Stokey Bears Menu. The likeness between aforementioned model and Grizzly Bear below, is positively uncanny.

Burgers are the name of the game here so choose your alter ego, be it grizzly, greedy, angry and get involved. Watch out for the bacon jam, loaded inside the grizzly and the greedy that is causing a storm across the burgersphere! 

(Yes attentive readers, citymapper is never far away).

Note to parents: While the menu is clearly adorable, deceptively child-friendly one could say, you may wish to avert any child eyes from the angry bear description to avoid 'holy f*** sauce' unwittingly becoming part of their vocabulary. 

You might have somehow ended up in this neck of the woods and don't fancy a burger (?!?) or have an enviable metabolism and a spare stomach. If this is the case then never fear, hot wings are available and beefdogs are on their way. We were hardcore grizzly bears and covered the table with fries, coleslaw and onion rings. A second stomach would probably have come in handy.

Enter the Grizzly Bear. Glistening, glazed brioche bun filled with a juicy beef patty and piled with melted cheese, double oak smoked bacon, lettuce, onions and bacon jam. Tempted? I think the orange hat might have been ... 

Casually cool with scratched skateboards on the walls, wooden booths and lights that fade in and out of multicoloured hues, Stokey Bears is of that pull up a chair (or keg) and get stuck in type.

Perhaps you fancy a beer and a chat before your burger .. propping up the bar is always an option, or you can also perch around the glowing barrel. Who doesn't love a glowing barrel?

Almost finished, we left our own little tribute to Stokey's with our seasonal snowbear who looks almost as full as we were. The fun never ends when you have beer mats, kitchen roll and childish tendencies on tap!

Below Stokey Bears is something else truly fantastic and the other, equally important reason for our schlep. Introducing Original Sin, a basement cocktail bar from the guys at Happiness Forgets which positively oozes with charm, but for now I shall just leave you with a teaser. Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that IS the most excellent pool table you have ever seen ... tbc ...


  1. Another great quirky find, Ella!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

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