Friday, 23 January 2015

Lantana Cafe

Bloomin' Brilliant Breakfast Brunch

It's almost the weekend. This means that the weekly breakfast/brunch/eat all the food season is upon us again.

I have one word for you. Lantana.

And now I have a few more. Eggselent, eggtastic, eggervescent, eggsuberant, eggsential and in the less made up but no less accurate words of my breakfast companion: guuuuud!

To satisfy our caffeine habit it was flat whites all round. You can practically smell it through the screen right?! No. That's insane and hasn't been invented yet. It should be. Can somebody please hurry up and make our pictures smell yummy!

We then eagerly ploughed through the following:

Sourdough toast with crushed avocado, poached egg and all the bacon.

More sourdough toast with scrambled eggs, rocket and all the bacon.

French toast with honey, pecans, sugar and all the bacon.

Generous portion sizes, creamy eggs, friendly service and a brightly lit space make for the perfect spot to tumble into after a big night, a little night, a late night, ok, pretty much any night! I'm pretty sure I'll be tumbling right back in no time!

Australian run Lantana have spots in Fitzrovia and Shoreditch and while their brunch is pretty special, they are about to relaunch their 'shindig' dinner service with 50% off food next Tuesday-Thursday (get booking peoples), after which their new dinner menu will be available at full price to all. If brunch is anything to go by, dinner should be pretty special!

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  1. What beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas for a delicious brunch. Brunch is such an underrated meal but it is one of my favorites. Too bad I can only find time to have them on the weekends. I will have to try out some of these items the next time I have friends or family over. Though, truthfully, I might just make them all for myself.

    Cristopher @ Lamoraga Restaurant