Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Peg & Patriot

Peg & Patriot 

Well Bethnal Green, we must stop meeting like this, people will start to whisper. It really is of no surprise that I find myself back here again even though it is perhaps one of the most inconvenient places for me to get to; underground, overground, wombling free etc. This time it's all about Peg & Patriot.

A corridor's hop away from the gorgeous Typing Room, Peg & Patriot is the Town Hall Hotel's resident bar. Matt Whiley of One Leicester Street Hotel's Talented Mr Fox has engaged his brain in a similarly 'curiouser and curiouser' nature and this latest spot does not disappoint. 

Whether you fancy a tipple after dinner or just want to get involved in some cocktails before you head out for the evening, Peg & Patriot have it covered in a fabulously imaginative way.

The menu, upon close inspection is somewhat baffling and there isn't a drink which hasn't had a magic wand waved over it. As I perused the list of crazy cocktails, my mind placed pointed hats upon the heads of the wizards behind the bar and I definitely heard a spell or two being cast!

With concoctions that include Greek yogurt gin, carrot-reisling cordial, pancake soda and chipotle grenadine, how could you resist embarking on this adventure?! 

We went for a Sumac my bitch up - mainly because of the name .. ALWAYS judge a book by it's cover and all that!

And a Paloma lone, fully equipped with stripy straw and sprinkled with a rim of caper salt.

Behind all the wizardry, the cocktails do not fall short on flavour and while you don't have to opt for the razzmatazz if you'd prefer something a little more traditional, the tastes you'll discover just outside your comfort zone are well worth the gamble!

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  1. I don't live that far from Bethnal Green but it's STILL a pain to get to! These cocktails look amazing, I'll definitely be checking them out.
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

    1. It's a double bus for me and yet I can't seem to stay away! Have you been to The Dead Dolls Club? or The Typing Room? Or The Sun Tavern for that matter .. or Mission E2 or The Corner Room? .. seriously, why don't I live in Bethnal Green?!

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