Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Little Yellow Door

Pop up and Pop in 

It’s almost Thursday and you have itchy feet. Definitely time for a night out, but it’s cold, wet and all of your friends are ‘too tired’. So now what? Give in, pour yourself a bottle of Merlot, light some candles and belt out a nice bit o' Buble? While that actually sounds like fun (and you definitely didn't do it last night), it’s about time you made some friends with better stamina. 

Alternatively, you could engage your powers of persuasion and employ your secret weapon. Cue The Little Yellow Door, hidden in plain sight, appropriately named for a page in The Little Brown Book and your home away from home.

This is the pop up to blow all others out the back door. Give a grin to the bow tie donned doorman and slip behind the yellow door to the house party of your dreams. The bohemian explosion of eclectisism and creativity have positioned The Wandering Chef team in the forefront of pop up prowess and they've absolutely gone and done it this time! With an entertaining array of thrifted antique decor, the concept is based around a fictional flat share that will see you entering with one mate and leaving with ten.

There are menus hand written inside magazines, Lego to fiddle with and present to your new pals as a symbol of your creative dexterity, piles of books to entertain yourself while your companion spends too long in the loo enjoying the wallpaper (guys you’re in for a treat), and all manner of tricks and trinkets. The personal touch is more of a full on embrace, with shoes arranged neatly by the door that belong to the founders of this den of delightfulness.

Where the food is concerned, and in true house party style, they've gone for a fridge raid approach, think a mini Sunday roast with all the trimmings; roast chicken wings and potato stuffed sausages. Shots in egg cups and drinks inspired by TV shows won’t fail to excite ‘My Name is Earl Grey’ arrived in a tea cup with a nostalgic jammy dodger perched on the saucer .. oo how civilised! 

Thursdays will gear you up for the weekend when the real house party vibe is ramped up to full volume whereas on Fridays the room is transformed into a dinner party setting. With food provided by The Wandering Chef, founders Jamie and Lalie are intent on creating a truly immersive experience to thrill, excite and transport you to a parallel nostalgia you never want to leave behind.

Deliciously unpretentious and comfortable to the point of no return, The Little Yellow Door has filled a hole in my heart that I wasn’t aware of until I walked inside and fell head over heels in love. Let's keep all our fingers and toes crossed that their nine month lease is extended for ever and ever amen!

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