Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Pizza Pronto

Since embarking upon my blogging journey, there's a chance I might have become a total chain snob. I’ll skip on past Pizza Express and (#sorrynotsorry) Nando’s without even acknowledging their presence. However, this chain snobbery was forced to waiver when I had a truly lovely trip to Vapiano and their 150th branch in Europe that has recently settled onto Wardour Street in Soho.

Vapiano is all about Italian favourites, freshly prepared infront of you at smile inducing speed. We collected our special Vapiano cards and marched off to find somewhere to sit. 

Set over two floors, Vapiano is surprisingly expansive. Lively and brightly lit upstairs then slightly more moody with a blue glow cast by the Italian cityscape wall to the back of the room down below. We chose to be swathed in this bluey light and settled down amongst the basil.

Trip numero uno to the counter led us to an antipasti feast. We ordered a proscuto and mozzarella laden board of tasty.

A fabulous salad mix topped with grilled beef, king prawns, roasted vegetables and parmesan shavings became the apple of my partner in crime's eye while I manoeuvred my way around the plate of antipasti. 

Our second adventure was in search of Pizza and Pasta so we launched ourselves over to Gabriele at the counter who was to be our pasta maestro for the evening and hello beard!

After umming and ahhing over the extensive choice of dishes, we ummed and ahhed a bit more over which pasta to choose. 

Next up was the pizza decision making process and feeling adventurous, we opted for a fig and honey topping. We were handed a cheeky little device which would flash at us and vibrate when our pizza was ready to collect. 

After a necessary moment of childishness, we went to grab our plates of Italian deliciousness, fresh out the pan(slash)oven. 

There was something strangely satisfying about carrying our own trays, laden high with steaming pizza and pasta to the table and plonking (/gracefully placing) them down in front of us gave us some sort of completion. Or maybe it was because we knew as soon as we sat down, we could start tucking in orrr, I think I’m reading too much into this .. let’s quit while I’m ahead.

(apologies for the grainy picture, my eagerness to tuck in caused some major photographic neglect)!

Monsieur Vapiano man, delightfully printed on the tray for all to enjoy seemed to have become truly at peace with his chunk of cheese. While we didn't quite reach the same state of ecstasy, the meal had made its way firmly into our good books! Lets take a moment to gaze at him a little longer...

...Aand I'm back. Somehow, we ignored the protestations of our stomachs and leapt into two miniature desert pots - cheesecake and tiramisu. Since Tiramisu is a particular favourite of mine (ever since I got over my fear of what lies beneath the cocoa dusting) and somewhere along the line I began a cheesecake hunt of London, my standards were (perhaps) unfairly high. However, while not the best I've had, they were certainly a satisfactory end to a great meal. 

While somehow we managed to entertain ourselves for a couple of hours, the advantage of Vapiano, is that if you want a quick bite in a bustling restaurant environment, you can be guaranteed to have your food without the stomach rumbling wait. Make sure to take a glance at the magical tree in the center of the room (although you can't exactly miss it)!

And don't forget to grab a handful of gummy bears on your way out (although please use the spoon and hope that other people have as well).

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  1. I love Vapiano. They are my restaurant in Germany...haven't been to the London one just yet, but will do so and hope they are as good as they are at home.

    I blogged about it btw too :)

    Caz xxx