Monday, 20 October 2014

The Dead Dolls Club - The Arch

Jazzy Razzmatazz 

And so begins a story, 
One of great acclaim, 
But do not take it lightly, 
You’ll have yourself to blame.

It starts inside an archway, 
With towering ceilings high, 
An entrance unassuming, 
Do not just walk on by.

Speckles of light surround you, 
From the giant mirror ball, 
And with the swinging jazz band, 
Head over heels you’ll fall.

Welcome to the Dead Dolls Club
A gem I’d like to share, 
My addiction is well rooted, 
Each Friday I’ll be there.

LA street food have a pop up, 
With dishes quite sublime, 
Not to come and visit, 
Would be a heinous crime.

I can’t express my feelings, 
Of adoration for this place, 
Just stepping through the doorway, 
Will bring a smile to your face.

So I urge you one and all, 
To hop to Bethnal Green, 
It will make you just as cheerful 
As a jumping jelly bean!

A HUGE thank you must go to Matt from the wonderful Matt the list for tipping me off about this fabulous hideout. Make sure to check out his blog for multitudes of good sense!

The Jazz band that have officially stolen my heart are The Kansas Smitty's. Curated by the delightful Giacomo Smith on Saxophone, the group features exceptional young talent that will have you captivated in a second. The enchanting vocals from Pete Horsfall can melt the room with a single note and leave you dreaming of decades past, so go on .. what's stopping you!

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