Thursday, 9 October 2014


Oriental Twist

Once upon a time in a faraway land, 
Lived a lantern a spring roll and a Cabaret band. 
This jazzy group found their home underground,
Amongst dancers and drag queens, the finest around.

The hustle and bustle of their homely abode, 
Enticed many a visitor from each post code.
With cocktails, glitter balls and giggles galore, 
It's impossible to see why they'd wish for more!

But here is the rub, the bee in their bonnet, 
And the reason behind my sweet little sonnet.
While Cecil's is hidden near London Bridge station, 
It is tucked away from most civilisation.

Only the most very special have heard,
And should make it their mission to help spread the word.
You can order Chinese, straight to your table,
And munch on as many spring rolls as you're able.

Each Saturday is tea time,
A 1930's affair.
On Thursday's it's Cabaret,
Hop along if you dare!

But the best thing of all, the true fascination,
Is the fun to be had is beyond explanation.
You'll be taken on a journey, back in time,
Only then will you understand my imploring rhyme!

So stop what you're doing and turn on the spot.
Grab your mates, your dates and then off you trot,
To this oriental den of entertaining scandal, 
Let's see just how much you are able to handle!

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  1. This looks like my kind of venue! May have to check ot out soon...

    1. Without a doubt you absolutely must. Genuinely one of the most entertaining evenings I have had in a long while!

      E x