Friday, 1 August 2014

Chicago Ribshack

Rib Fest

Way down south in a land far away sat a castle full of ribs just waiting to play. 

The place was filled with meaty aromas, sending even the most foolhardy into full on food comas. 

Arriving at the glowing, light drenched door and the happiness inside was hard to ignore. 

Everyone tucking into juicy huge juicy ribs, protected by some super cool bibs!

The guys at the bar were whisking up drinks, concoctions in jars to tickle us pink!

We sat with expectant grins on our faces, almost grabbing our knives and forks from their places!

Then arrived the grub and the emotion in our eyes was nothing but love!

Pulled pork rolls

Macaroni balls

Chicken wing and scotch egg

Cheesy, bacony, jucy burger

Macaroni cheese

With fingers coated in sauce, these handy wipes were a welcome cleaning force!

Not the only one taking snaps, my dining companions were also paps!

We laid the dessert out in a line, cheesecake, chocolate and creamy lime.

Sadly our meal had met it's end, but we'll be back with each and every friend!

Thanks to everybody at the newly opened Chicago Rib Shack in Clapham for making our experience such a tasty one, we felt truly loved. For all you northerners, this may just be a good enough reason to cross the river!


  1. My husband will be soooo pleased the rib shack has reopened!! Thanks for the post lovely!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Clapham seems to have a lot going on down there lately, have been starting to feel tempted back down there. This could be the place to decide me!

  3. Oh my! That food looks so delicious! This post is making me very hungry haha!

  4. Ribs are a favourite and these look yummy glad that they come with a bid. Building into the old railway arches is a great idea for a restaurant Lucy x