Friday, 11 July 2014

Clockjack Oven

Clockwork Chicken 

Chicken anybody? The Clockjack Oven has it covered and Soho can claim a rotisserie restaurant for it's very own. Whether it's a mid week chicken craving or a Sunday roast that you're in search of, Clockjack has made it's way into the pecking order (sorry) and serves up some pretty pleasing poulet in a wonderfully bright and fresh environment to eat in or take out.

Recommended to us was this Briska pomegranate liquid heaven and apparently I now like cider, well this one anyway! It was delightfully refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. Bottoms up! 

We began with a plate of greek style mezze with a delicious pepper and zucchini dip, tzatziki and houmous to share and the famed buttermilk chicken bites with creamy dipping sauce. Let the chicken adventure begin! 

The restaurant has a comfortably informal vibe and a great place to catch up with old (and new) friends.

Between mouthfuls, have a go at the incredibly highbrow game of spot the chicken. Our brows felt considerably raised after this.

The chickens turned and flamed in front of us and aromas of chicken goodness wafted around the restaurant. Having been brought up on a considerably chicken heavy diet, my nostalgia for the bird is unbounded and what better way to spend a Sunday lunchtime than in its company?!

You can choose from a quarter (for the sensibly hungry), half (for the relatively ambitious) or whole chicken (for the monstrously hungry) – probably double it if you’re a strapping young lad. And then add the sauce or gravy of your choice. 

To accompany out chicken feast, we selected the bourbon infused sweetcorn which arrived in a delightful miniature pot. (Note to all the eligible bachelors out there, the way to my heart is definitely through le Creuset) and the dressed salad to add a nice bit a green!

So we definitely didn't leave any space for dessert, ergo, we had dessert. A dark chocolate ganache and a vanilla cheesecake, both perfectly cut and placed upon slates infront of us. The buttery biscuit base to topping ratio was just right and went down an absolute treat.

Checking the fantastic clockjack cog clock on the wall signalled our time had very much come to an end and it was time to dash off to The Royal Academy for yet more high brow activities.

Check out what's on every day at Clockjack and skip on over for some chickeny delights. We had a scrumptious time, now it's your turn!

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  1. Ooooh YES this chicky place looks right up my street. I don't know if all those intoxicating poultry aromas would be too much to handle...
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}