Thursday, 26 June 2014


Prop up pop up

Popcorn is in and Propercorn were on the bandwagon right from day one. They took over Golden Square this week with wine tasting, gospel singing and all the free popcorn you could wish for. Let's keep our fingers crossed for another spark of marketing genius as this one was pretty damn fabulous. 

The pink one's my new favourite - Vanilla and coconut, who'da thought it?!

This lovely lady and fine gent gave us a little tasting session of some English sparkling wines. A delight to be sipping in the sunshine...

... which didn't last .. why June? Why? 

Ooo I love it when I'm told to do something I really want to do. Sitting on grass IS great (grass stains shmarss stains)! Unfortunately it wasn't to last, as the rain was moving in and the props had to start moving out.

There they go! Propercorn pixies wearing their excellent popcorny t-shirts pushed the props to safety. (Note to self, I really want a popcorny t-shirt ..)

Still, rain just means one must counterbalance the moody weather with smiles. Our attempt is relatively manic .. the good kind of manic of course!

And last but not least, a sickeningly posed snap with the corn #shameless #sorrynotsorry #that'senoughhashtaggingfornow.

Thanks Propercorn, can't wait to see what popcorny treats you have in store for us next! Keeping my eyes peeled.

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