Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pizza Union

A Pleasant Pizza Place

Welcome to Pizza Union, the latest uber quick, delightfully cheap and tasty super thin pizza place to arrive just behind Spitalfields. 

It’s spacious interior is filled with tables and benches for casual dining with a bit of an edge.

The idea here is simple. After you’ve thoroughly perused the menu and gasped at the exceptional pricing, you hop over to the counter where you can grab a drink, some dipping sauce, perhaps some olives and give your pizza order to one of the smiling staff.

You will be presented with a square box thing (yes, a very technical term I know) which will light up, jump around and scream at you to go and collect your pizza when it is ready (or it will just flash and vibrate, but sometimes we have to employ a bit of imagination)!

Anyway, after almost no wait at all your pizza will be ready to gobble up. Takeaway is also an option and they are well stocked up with boxes for all the pizza you could ever desire!

So after we had devoured our pot of delicious olives (guzzling monster below not included), it was time for the pizza. The perfectly thin 12” base was well covered in cheese and our chosen toppings.

While I’d have liked a little more flavour in the pizza itself, a pot of herbs and a bottle of chilli oil were on hand for that extra boost.

The dips were a necessary addition for that dash more flavour and I’d have been a doubly happy bunny if there were pesto or balsamic options as the garlic was a little ‘dominos-esque’ for my liking. None of this prevented us both from inhaling the pizzas and when dessert arrived, there was no holding us back.

A pizza doughnut oozing with mascarpone and nutella sent us into the final realm of carbohydrate infused excitement and our meal was over.

For a bite pre or post pub, a casual dinner date or an office lunch, the atmosphere in Pizza Union is relaxed and welcoming. There is plenty of space and pizza-y aromas waft around the tables which spill out onto the patio outside (summer really is trying)!

Make sure to give this master pizza maker a wave before you leave. The speed he flips and twists the dough is quite spectacular to observe and definitely shouldn't go unnoticed! 

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  1. Why have I not been here yet?!

    Becks xo

    1. Haha - beats me! Let's get that drink next week :)

      Ella x

  2. Need to try this! Probably said this before but loooove your blog Ella xx