Tuesday, 29 April 2014

One Sixty

Smokey Meat

It's just down the road. No it can't be, I don't believe you. Really? Nope, not having it. It's in Timeout? What? Ok fine, it must exist. Suppose I'll just have to go.

While I don't have an abnormal amount of conversations with myself, this was a classic and it all centred around the opening of the brand spanking new One Sixty American smokehouse and bar in West Hampstead from the same folk that brought you Fitzrovia's Pied A Terre. Finally, somewhere delicious I can walk to! I shall take this moment to stress that even if it were not within walking distance, it is definitely worth a trip. Sticky ribs and wings for all!

Here we have a traditional table napkin but we were more delighted by the entire roll of paper towels on every table. This was clearly a clue, time to get messy!

Happy to have all the starters on the menu, we decided we might be jumping the gun a bit so decided on two out of the five and to come back again for the rest. 

Because it's always entertaining to choose your drinks based entirely on whether or not they have a silly name, that is exactly what we did when deciding upon the Goose Island Honker's.

First to arrive were the rib tips, dripping in juicy, sticky sauce and mouthwatering to look at and consume. They didn't last long.

The story was much the same for the chicken wings which disappeared at a similar speed to the ribs. I'm a strong believer that it is pretty impossible not to like wings, especially when they are this good.

After inhaling our sticky starters and destroying a good half of the roll of kitchen towel, it was time for mains. I felt (not unusually) on the adventurous side and decided to try ox cheek for the first time. Although the menu describes it as just like beef ribs but better, I'm not sure I would completely agree. This being my first taste of ox cheek, my authority is limited and I think ribs are more flavoursome. It was incredibly tender however and for all the ox cheek lovers out there, probably an excellent choice but I'll let you be the judge. Next time I think I'll go with my first intention and get all the starters!

According to my dinner companion the pulled pork burger was also delicious.

Cloud fluffy chips accompanied our mains and were chunky and light. I did feel a little green deprived however and not being a huge slaw fan, would have liked to see some vegetables on the menu.   

With a meaty food coma fast approaching, there was sadly no space (this is becoming a horrible habit) for dessert. I guess I'll just have to return!  

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