Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Ramen Eggs.

Hands up who hasn't considered crawling back under the covers and feeling sorry for their snuffling nose that has to face the perils of the outside world. On its way up, my hand changed its mind, remembering that places like Shoryu exist to help you man up and stop feeling sorry for a slightly stuffy schnoz.

Having heard raving reviews from a number of highly reliable sources, it was decided that the time had come for us to confirm such professions. Luckily we were waiting for less than a second before being quickly whisked over to a table and handed some entirely incomprehensible menus. We closed our eyes, pointed and all ordered the same traditional ramen soup from somewhere at the top of the menu. At least there wouldn't be any food envy with this decision. 

Snapping open our chopsticks we waited eagerly for our steaming bowls, smiling at the entire garlic plus press in front of us because who doesn't love a nice side of raw garlic?! 

Around us, eager beavers were tucking into their noodles, aware that with every slurp, life would be re-injected into their cranky systems. (Apologies to anyone without a cranky system, I just rather like this new turn of phrase and am giving it a test drive!)

Preparing to be dominated by our meal, we did as we were told and wiped our not so sticky fingers clean.

... And then they were here, piled high with noodles, greens and an egg like no other egg I have ever tasted. Apparently it is left in a soy sauce marinade overnight and transforms the simplest of foods into something of faberge standards.

Everything said about Shoryu is completely justified and we left happy in the knowledge that we could join those in the know. Now it's your turn! 

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  1. Have you been to Tonkotsu? I thought the egg there was even better than the one at Shoryu! I had also forgotten about the garlic presses on the tables - did you use yours? I definitely piled on the garlic when we went.

    1. No I haven't, but on that recommendation I think I must. I honestly don't know how I've survived without these ramen eggs in my life! I got too distracted when my bowl arrived and forgot all about the garlic though..next time!