Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Gallery

Close to Home.

Well this was a pleasant surprise. On a cheeky evening jaunt down the road, what was to appear in front of us but The Gallery, a glowing hub of fairy lights and shining bottles that I always forget is almost on my doorstep. 

It being rather late, we almost had the entire bar to ourselves and while this would usually inspire the 180 spin at the doorstep, this time The Gallery was too inviting and it didn't matter one bit. In fact, it was as if we had just tumbled into our own private, fully stocked bar and neither I nor my companion was going to argue with that!

After a few seconds of some not at all contrived photo taking, we took our glasses up to 'the gallery' and watched from above as people sauntered in and out of what I now refer to as my local. I've always wanted a local and the relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere of this little West Hampstead bar can take that title for now.

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