Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Stylish Simplicity.

It's happened again. The team behind Ottolenghi have produced another gem and helped my taste buds maintain a level of refinement that my budget is finding harder and harder to comprehend.

Anyway, welcome to Nopi.

Nopi exudes a certain elegance and comfort yet with a relaxing simplicity which envelopes you as soon as you step foot through the door. Predictably, the first thing I noticed was this fabulous golden leaf lamp shade. So golden, so necessary for my house.  

Lining the shelf behind the reception desk were the Ottolenghi bibles, already firmly placed in my cookery book collection.

We were led over to our table and sat down on some of the most comfortable restaurant chairs I have ever experienced.

Opposite, chefs were busy at work in the kitchen while the lamps had me more intrigued than was probably necessary. I have somewhat unconsciously gained a greater appreciation of light fittings which appear to have become a significant stand-out element of anywhere I visit. These were of no exception and cast a romantic glow while appearing to hover above the tables.

As much as I can go on about the lights, I must apologise for the fuzzy photos. My inconspicuous little phone wasn't quite prepared to deal with the atmospheric glow and began to feel the pressure at times. I had a similar attraction to the napkin rings as I do to most golden objects (magpie alert) and have added another object to my 'for when I can have special dinner ware' list. Very much looking forward to that day!

Bread and another candle arrived and I hopped over to the salad table where Ottolenghi's classic salads were piled up and ready to serve.

Deliciously smooth aubergine with pickled cucumber and a yoghurty sauce had my full attention. The colours and textures complimented each other perfectly, with hints of dill and mint peeping through just the right amount. 

Crunchy green beans were tossed with peppers and almonds. We weren't prepared to avoid this either!

Finally, presented on a large, sparkling turquoise plate was the squash and what I like to call icing on the extremely healthy cake.

Warm polenta chips arrived with a spicy tomato dipping sauce and were like no other chips I have experienced. The inside was light and fluffy, while the breaded exterior held them together just enough.

We also went for duck breast and pink quinoa on an orangy swish. Tender and succulent with a deliciously crisp skin.

To our delight, the waiter arrived at the table and asked if we would like an aromatic fish dish as the kitchen had made an extra one by accident. Of course we weren't going to refuse such an offer and apart from the fish being absolutely delicious, it was a little touch that raised Nopi even further in my estimations than it already was. (Like I said, a little imagination should be initiated when looking at the photo)!

No visit would be complete without a trip to check out the facilities and here is where I became incredibly entertained. Mirrors which multiplied me to infinity surrounded the sink and I felt as though I had fallen into Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

Just incase there was any confusion, a helpful little sign directed you back up the rabbit hole.

Arriving back at my seat, dessert occurred. What an occurrence. This was a truly inventive and perfect end to a sumptuous meal (my adjective ridden language is really the only way I can convey the sheer length of my enjoyment)! Warm pecan muffins with an alcohol hinted coffee frijante for dipping was comforting while remaining light, and the boozy sauce added the je ne sais quoi which all desserts should aim for.

As is probably obvious, I can't recommend Nopi enough. While the sharing dishes are quite small, we ordered 4, (were given 1 extra) and a side of chips after which dessert was a delight but not a necessity. For more masculine appetites, I'd suggest ordering 6 dishes but a 'see how you go' attitude seemed very appropriate.

I'd love to hear from you if Nopi has made it onto your list or if you have already visited, if only to gush about the wondrousness of it all.

Bon app├ętit et merci maman. 

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  1. So much love for Ottolenghi - this new venue sounds amazing too, and you've totally won me over with that dessert
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me

    1. Yes! It was so different to anything I've had before. Perfect end to a perfect meal .. and a little dash of brandy (or suchlike) to make it extra warming!

  2. That looks like it's worth going to for the simple awesomeness of the toilets alone! Great review x
    The Payday Cocktail Club

    1. Yes! Just make sure you tell your companion not to get concerned if you're a little longer than you probably should be .. I got super distracted :) !

  3. Wow, congratulations on finding your best ever meal! I've still never been to a Hakkasan - I was supposed to go to the one in Vegas but that never happened either. I have to go soon, you've sold it to me!

    Super toilets too - always a perk in my eyes

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Haha, thanks :) Let me know what you think when you go! The DIm Sum Sunday menu is just fabulous.

      I've become a sucker for the weird and wonderful toilets .. will probably do a post about them one of these days!