Monday, 9 September 2013

The Little Brown List No2

Places to go, drinks to drink.

The time has come for another little brown list. While I still have half of my previous list left to discover, there are more wonders being added by the day and so I have put pen to brown paper and compiled my second hit list. 

My inbox is permanently inundated with newsletters and the amount of tabs open on my laptop have it screaming for relief on a daily basis. It is all worth it however because the gems to discover are endless and one must keep flowing with the flow! Mr Fogg's and Ottolenghi won my top prizes this season.

If any of you have had the pleasure of visiting these fine establishments or have more to add, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Some Helpful Little Links

Experimental Cocktail Club
Toyshop Bar
Boom Burger
Flesh & Buns
The Chop Shop
Lazy Bones
Imli Street
Dead Dolls House
Hoxley & Porter
Aqua Shard
Simmons Bar
Coal Vaults
The Happenstance
The Pearson Room
The Fish & Chip Shop
Redemption Bar
Carriage 34
Pizza Pilgrims

Watch out, here we come!


  1. YESSSSSSSSS I'm getting involved


  2. Burger Connoisseur. + I am as dedicated to my sexy-slutty-scousey northern Almost Famous husband of a burgers joint as a Mormon wife... so I DEMAND to take part in Flesh&Buns/Boom Burger burger battle-off this September. I don't think anyone can beat hubbie's Triple Nom.