Monday, 23 September 2013


The Mozzarella Bar.

This is a concept which I will endorse to the ends of the earth and back. A perfect addition to the delightful Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, Obika stands out as an effortlessly stylish Italian restaurant. The added bonus is that they serve up fresh Mozzarella in their bar, created specifically for this purpose where you can watch the chefs at work. (Pizza dough twirling will never cease to entertain)!

We had been waiting with bated breath for Obika to open and so hurried on down for their very first day. Through the sleek black door we skipped and prepared to fill our stomachs to bursting point.

The bar was well stocked and shining, a lovely place for a lunchtime glass of vino I think.

The gorgeous Penelope and my number one partner in mozzarella love, wearing a seriously fabulous jacket (here).

Time to choose. We went for a sharing plate because we couldn't! Take a look at the menu here too.

For our first little treat we were presented with these teeny jars of red and green pesto with mozzarella, a delicious surprise and a great way to wet our already heightened appetites.

The spoons were picked up and we dug in. Deliciously creamy and an absolute dream for those of us who place pesto at the top of the condiment list.

Opposite us was this lovely alcove which gave us some fun mozzarella related facts and showed where the different types originated from. We all know that knowledge is power, even if it is cheese related in this instance.  

Which wine 'tipples' your fancy? There are plenty of wonderful bottles to choose from here.

Our sharing plate arrived laden with grilled vegetables, mozzarella, burrata, pesto and sliced meats. Neither of us could keep our hands away and we tucked in with some serious gusto. 

Focaccia couldn't be avoided and that too was delicious, crispy and warm.

So many combinations on one plate, I wholly recommend choosing this when you visit. 

Our last surprise came in the form of a limoncello, vodka and basil cocktail. Surprisingly strong, although I'm not sure why I was so surprised considering its alcohol content!  

Don't hesitate before coming to Obika, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. The service was perfect, the food was faultless and I can't wait for an excuse to return.

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  1. My boyfriend would adore this! Putting it on the list!

  2. What a wonderful evening. I would totally choose the sharing platter too because otherwise you're bound to get food envy!!
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  3. Wow, scrumptious post Ella. I'd take a bite out of your blog if I could! Looking forward to more, see you on Triptease!