Thursday, 12 September 2013

Drink Deck London

A bar lovers paradise.

One fine morning, I woke up to discover an incredible surprise awaiting discovery in my post box. Introducing Drink Deck, a bar enthusiast's travel and discount guide to London and my new best friend.

Upon opening the pack, I found a deck of raspberry coloured cards which, along with my little brown book are now a permanent fixture inside my bag.

With card table and camera at the ready, some playing around was unavoidable. Cards, cards, cards, cards, bars, cards, food, cards .. etc.

This lovely little pack contains 52 bars, pubs and restaurants to sample and enjoy AND you can actually play cards as well if you so wish. Having so many places I'd like to visit and being very aware of my wailing wallet, a Drink Deck is a shining ray of relief. Guilt, be gone! 

Grab a partner by the hand and drag them off to any number of these. The discount is usually around 20% or averaging £7ish so will add an extra large smile to the trip along with making you feel like a pro. 52 new places to discover? Imagine the fun to be had!

When you use your card, the bottom left corner will be torn off but if you take a snap of your receipt or you clutching your used card and post it on your social media platform of choice, then Drink Deck may get in touch and send you a replacement card for a return visit. This gift just keeps on giving. 

If you are more technologically inclined, or if your life is on your phone, then you can get the Drink Deck app instead. Either way, there really is no reason not to! Watch this space, you will probably see one of these cards hovering around in the background of many of my future posts. 

To the bar!  


  1. Oh that is such a clever idea!!
    How did you find out about the cards?
    Just love how you can still play regular cards with them, perfect handbag staple!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. I came across them on twitter and thought it was a fantastic idea .. They have them in other cities/ countries too but 52 places in London is enough for me to be getting on with right now! Ella x

  2. A really good idea that!

    Is it very up-to-date you think?

    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. I know right?! I think it's pretty up to date, I know they try and add new places all the time but It's a relatively new product anyway.
      Ella x