Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Faultless French.

"Food which is worth eating is worth discussing" (X. Marcel Boulestin)

Mayfair's newest addition to the fine dining scene pays homage to the pioneering writer, restauranteur and the world's first celebrity television chef. Joel Kissin introduces this legendary name to a new generation with the opening of Boulestin.  

One fine Sunday afternoon when London was grasping onto the last rays of sunlight, I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening of this delightful little French bistro.

Warmth radiated out of the bright white windows and as soon as we arrived outside the door we knew we would be in for a treat.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the perfectly polite Maitre'd and invited to take our seats. Having been presented with the extensive menu, we agonised over what to choose but before we could do so, a somewhat genetically blessed waiter, clearly having identified us as VIP's ( day) asked whether we would like to move to a far superior table. Over we went to our new post for the afternoon and after a little more deliberation, decided what we were going to request from the chef.

First to arrive at the table were our little mouthfuls of light, creamy canapes anchois; a great way to wet our appetites.

While we were waiting for our next flow of food to arrive, we took another one of many glances around the beautiful room we were seated in. Within the centre was a large skylight through which sunshine poured and underneath was our luxury 60 seat bistro.

Around the walls hung delightful miniature black and white artwork which could provide plenty of distraction if your date is becoming tiresome. Luckily, mine was the opposite ... those friends who put up no opposition to dressing up and eating out are definitely keepers in my opinion!   

Introducing (not for the first time) the lovely Penelope Anne ... and a blue shirted, wine guzzling man in the background.

One of the many delightful waiters arrived at the table with our main courses.

Risotto with Girolles (wild mushrooms for the french-shy).

Cauliflower Soup.

Smoked Duck Salad.

All were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. Each dish was the perfect size for hungry stomachs wanting to be able to move after being filled, an element that I place high on my list wherever I eat.

On a little jaunt to the facilities, I discovered the private dining room downstairs. Doesn't it look inviting .. now to find an occasion to use it for!

The toilets were hiding behind an oaky, iron hinged door with an extra specially large wine case that had me more than a little distracted!

Back at the table, we had one more course to complete. The Tarte aux pommes was impossible to resist and was definitely worth the little extra preparation time. I'd recommend ordering this sticky, syrupy pastry perfection with two spoons since it is a little on the large size! 

Finally, we filled in our feedback forms with glowing reviews and tucked them inside their envelopes. All in all, our comfort levels had been so great that 3 hours had passed without us even realising. A four star experience and one which I urge you all to find an excuse to discover for yourselves when your purse strings aren't watching!

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  1. I've not heard of this little bistro! It looks right up my street!

    I feel like diving head first into that risotto

    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Go ahead and dive, you won't be disappointed (although perhaps a little messy)!
      Ella x

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  3. I'll try this again (you might have two comments show up from me lol).

    What a great review, this place sounds amazing and the sight of the apple tart has got me feeling slightly emotional. This one is going on the list as a must visit. Really enjoyed reading this!