Monday, 9 September 2013

Whyte & Brown

The Chicken or The Egg?

Firstly, I would like to apologise for being off the map for such a desperately long time. However, this is not such a terrible thing. I have been busy trawling the streets of London to find a host of wondrous establishments for you to feast your eyes (and then your stomachs) on. Sorry for the poor grammar, I acknowledge that it is not entirely correct to assume you would feast your stomachs on anything. Or maybe you would. Each to their own.

In celebration of MY BIRTHDAY (huzzah for August babies), I skipped through puddles (yes, England is back) with a few of my favourite people to Whyte & Brown to discover a menu packed with chickeny goodness. Just you wait! Are you feeling peckish?

Now because free range chickens can poke and peck around wherever they feel like, their eggs taste of freedom and their meat tastes of happiness. Ok, perhaps I got a tad carried away but it's my birthday so you can forgive me.

We were surrounded by bright and fresh furniture with something to see at every glance. Just my sort of establishment! Tables of many shapes and sizes that cater for any need.

You can feel the countryside which is very refreshing when you've just squeezed out from underneath a central line armpit. Oh London.

Being a baking enthusiast I particularly appreciated the upside-down cupcake mould-like light fittings.

And now for the food! Decisions, decisions. A quick snap of the birthday pals before the table is covered in chicken and egg.

Half the table went for the chicken caesar burger since it combined two of the greatest dishes of all time.

A quarter of the table opted for the chicken and leek burger which makes my mouth water just looking at it. A silver flower pot of fries accompanied this and macaroni cheese was on its way.

The last quarter of the table decided to go it alone and chose the pasta. Not a bad shout at all!

With our bellies filled, it was time to get creative(ish). While on first glance this looks like a perfectly innocent paper place mat, think again.

For a dab of nostalgia and memories of the school playground, we got folding!

Nobody wanted to miss out on this annual origami convention because look what we created with the helping hand of some dotted lines! You've got to love the novelty. 

So, hop skip and jump down Kingly Court way to experience a chicken feast that will have you clucking for days. Smiles all round!

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