Sunday, 28 July 2013


Super Salads.

Few can avoid the 'what would you eat if you could only have one type of food for the rest of your life' question. I answer this differently every time I am asked. Until now. Dare I say it but I would choose anything from Ottolenghi's over a lifetime supply of crispy duck pancakes, chicken katsu curry and even (deep breath) coffee ice cream. For me, that is a gigantic claim!

I challenge you to reach the end of this post without wanting to race on down to Waitrose, Sainsburys or a handy vegetable market and grab all the greens in sight! Alternatively, you could just come to Ottolenghi's. They also do takeaway which now I know, is not something I'm going to forget in a hurry (or ever).

What first strikes you is the shining white interior which offsets the colours of the dishes perfectly and provides a relaxing and uncomplicated atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the delicious food and chat to whoever may appear in the seat next door .. making friends is great!

Glance over to the counter and this is what you will be greeted with. I honestly don't know how anybody could refuse!

I had to get just a bit more up close and personal for that extra oomph! 

We arrived for a late lunch/ tea/ dinner/ whatever you call eating at 5oclock and tucked in to this mouth watering plate of healthy wonder.

To ensure that the romance was kept alive between my mother and me, this helpful addition was provided.

The simple beauty of the candle casting its shadow on the wall behind it was really rather captivating .. 

Although there is ALWAYS room for dessert, I had a dilemma. How exactly was I meant to choose between all this? (And that's only half of what was on offer)!

After much umming and ahhing, pointing and re-pointing, I went for the chocolate cake filled with Bailey's cream. I did not regret this choice one tiny bit and nor did the other fork either! 

To accompany our indulgence, tea was ordered and it came in this lovely little black tea pot which I had to get in action.

Glancing around, jars of spices and flavours were piled high and while I'm still not entirely sure what half of them are, there is no doubt that my cupboard will have one of each before long!

We were unable to resist leaving without some treats for friends and no doubt will probably return for more.

As soon as I arrived back home, this happened..

and this..

..and then this..

Watch this space .. although not entirely sure what for yet!

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  1. SOOOO much love for Ottolenghi, I didn't think I was really a salad kinda gal before going there, but my oh my have I been converted!
    I could happily sit there all day grazing my way through the salads and cakes and back again!!
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

  2. Great pics. Totally going here to blog about it :) X

    Lotti X