Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mr Foggs

Home Away From Home.

First thing's first, I am now writing for The Holborn, a blog and quarterly magazine which hopes to bring you the best of what both London and further afield can offer. Take my advice, grab a gin & tonic and discover the craftsmen, bartenders, tailors, food-stall holders, entrepreneurs and eccentrics who go the extra mile for their art. 

What better way to kick off my stint than with an interview with the mastermind behind my favourite new bar; Mr Fogg's. Follow this link for a fascinating insight into the creation of this wonderful little drawing room celebrating Phileas J Fogg's adventures around the world in 80 days and read on for a bit of extra temptation!

Welcome to the world of Jules Verne. Dress up a little (no trainers please) and be invited through the little door by this smartly clad fellow into the drawing room and bar of your truly British dreams.

Take a peak into the leathery brilliance of Phileas's journal (/menu) and you won't be disappointed by anything you choose. While you should expect to pay Mayfairish prices, the experience is definitely worth missing out on one of tomorrow's coffees .. (I find that I can justify most things like this - I drink far too much coffee)!

Just take a look at the array of options. Some of these bottles date back as far as 1904.

We went for something fruity and the good old trusty g&t .. next time I'll venture a little further afield!

While I, like every other girl out there would generally claim to be a fantastic multi-tasker, maintaining a conversation with so many crazy artefacts to distract me was a struggle. Tip numero uno, don't go with anybody who would be offended when they realise you are lost in a world of stuffed crocodiles, penny farthings, giant bird cages and haven't listened to a word they've said! Get a load of this lot:

#1 - Note the howling wolf.

#2 - Penny farthings plus bull.

#3 - A less blurry bull and a more scary angle. 

#4 - Billy the croc.

#5 - Beautifully arranged bird cages and pictures of the folk.

#6 - The very balloon that travelled all the way around the world.

I was lucky enough to be treated to the return of the man himself who marched in, cane in hand and back from his adventures. Overflowing with gusto, he climbed up onto a table and proceeded to recount his perilous tales to the wide eyed guests. 

We had a little tête-à-tête about the essentials in life such as maintaining a trusty man servant, the necessity of purchasing one's suits on Saville Row and looking out for the Native American's who were apparently very much 'after him' .. I must say, this dapper chap had me quite enthralled!

My wonderful friend on the other hand was deep in conversation with his man servant to whom she was attempting to explain that an Iphone was not called a youphone and it was purchased from phones4u and not from phones for me. Somewhere along the line, defeat was accepted with the nineteenth century characters struggling somewhat at the concept of such a device!

Don't forget to take a trip to the facilities, they really are quite delightful!

All in all, for a bit of theatrical fun and frivolity, Mr Fogg's should head to the top of your list. Inventive cocktails, complimentary bar snacks and a nice spot of eye candy = smiles all round.

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