Thursday, 4 July 2013

Meat Liquor


Prepare to queue, don't eat all day and get ready for the meatiest feast of your life! Meat Liquor knows how to handle its meat and its liquor so make sure you do too!

Devour the menu and plan to order everything even though your stomach may not thank you for it. 

Unless you arrive bang on opening time (as us keenos did,) this door will probably be hidden behind the other eager meat and fun lovers.

Inside, the lights are dimmed and a red glow sets off the grungy 'derelict' graffiti covered walls. Watch out that you don't get distracted by the decidedly dishy waiters!

We went for the great value (£6.50)100% beef burgers and chips all covered in delicious fried onions and melted cheese. 

This one was being greedy...

...but I quickly rectified the situation!

Jam jars seem to be all the rage right now but the novelty wasn't lost on me. A post exam celebration was called for and a nicely chilled bottle of Pinot definitely hit the spot.

The toilets left us under no illusion .. 

So grab a mate or two and munch the night (or day) away!

Our little coats: here and here

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  1. Beef burger and chips are very delicious! I love this place very much.