Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Casa Blue

Eclectic Explosion.

Two pals on a jaunt came across something wonderful. A tropical explosion of cocktails, artwork, umbrellas, fairylights and fun at Casa Blue on the corner of Brick Lane. 

Of course, our trip to the east would not have been complete without some rummaging and we both got rather attached to these fine outer garments and head wear at Blitz.

My attachment to this piece below was primarily due to its ridiculous weight. Time to hit the gym if I am ever to carry an extra 100kg with me! The gentleman in the background had the had the pose just right, (and a cracking moustache) but my arms we struggling under the strain!

Back at Casa Blue, we couldn't get over how fantastically fun the surroundings were. Everywhere we looked, there was an eye-popping array of bizarre artefacts that made us feel as though we had stumbled into the crazy world of a wonderfully unhinged, travelling band of eccentrics.

Spot the real people .. they seem to have been swallowed into the surroundings!

In keeping with the multicoloured theme, the menu was exploding with equally brightly hued cocktails. To celebrate the fantabulous weather London has been blessed with, I had to choose something refreshing and cucumber based whereas J went for something a little more tie dye!

I loved the artwork and photography all over the walls, particularly the BIG OPEN SIGN!

What a fine looking chap with a fine looking beverage!

So take a wonder down (or up) Brick Lane until you reach this bustling and friendly chapter from arabian nights.

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  1. Found your blog through Triptease. I really enjoyed your extended review and all the photos! Cracking moustache, indeed.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Your blog is amazing - will definitely be a frequent visitor for food inspiration! I love this place.. so many fond memories :)

    Ashma X