Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Delaunay

A Lovely Lunch.

My recent silence must be attributed to a wonderfully ridiculous amount of exams which thankfully are now over. Now I can get back to my explorations and I couldn't be more excited at the prospect!

The Delaunay has been on my list for a long time. A slightly younger sibling of The Wolseley in Green Park, The Delauney has all the taste and style but with a slightly lower ceiling and more windows! If you love one, the other will be right up your street.

Walking down (or up) Aldwych, you can have a sneaky preview of the menu and admire the lettering on the columns either side of the restaurant informing you that you have reached your venue.

Before you enter, take a moment to chat to the single gloved doorman who will have plenty a story to tell if you give him your best smile! 

As you enter the restaurant, the cakes and pastries are spread out on a glistening glass table. Ignore the little ' oh no I shouldn't' voice and plough right on through. How could you not?!

To your right, a gleaming bar is also patiently waiting. Just so much temptation from every angle!

Through the doors is the main dining room where the tables are dressed in crisp white linen and the immaculately polished silverware gleams from every surface.

Although I was excited to see what the menu would present me with, I already knew exactly what I was going to order before I had even opened it. As it turned out I was not the only one with this in mind and there seemed to be a strong family resemblance in our final choices.

A miniature tree-resembling array of crusty bread arrived in a silver bucket to keep our fingers busy as we awaited the rest of our food. Meanwhile I took the opportunity to admire the other items on the table.

Some gorgeous little silver salt and pepper shakers and an unidentifiable alternative grinder. Any guesses?

Seeing as we had all ordered the same thing, I thought one picture would probably do it justice! There really was no competition for the Weiner Schnitzel and with a squeeze of lemon (note the little pip-blocking bag), we were some truly satisfied customers. Just look at the size of it!

We chose spinach and potatoes to accompany our delicious piece of meat and everything was cooked to perfection. 

After we had all somehow managed to completely clean our plates and resist the temptation to lick the last drops of sauce off (not socially acceptable in any way, shape or form at this restaurant), coffees and a pot of mint tea were the perfect end to a perfect meal. When you want comfortingly traditional food with a hint of Vienna and Prague, put the Delaunay on your list and perhaps warn your wallet in advance! They are also top of many lists for the best brunch in the city.

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