Friday, 10 May 2013

Mozzarella & More: Made in Italy


To begin with, I think we should give the weather a minuscule round of applause for doing its best to sort itself out ... baby steps.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Emma Rose Tully of The Daydreamer for the lovely post she wrote about The Little Brown Book. I'm glad the word is spreading!

And now for the next chapter in my story. With a semi-summery feeling in the air we were drawn to what I believe is one of the most perfect summer foods. Yes, it's all in the title. Mozzarella and more mozzarella. I'm definitely allowed to like it twice as much because it has my name at the end!

Wondering down (or up) the Kings Road, we poked our heads into the volumes of delicious looking eateries until, as if by magic, this appeared infront of our hungry little tummies.

No discussion required. In we went. With tables surrounded by dusty brickwork (we all know my penchant for such decor), jars and wine bottles we felt as if we had walked into the Mediterranean kitchen we had just been dreaming of.

Choosing what to have is always the hardest part. Those who are well versed in the world of Ella will be aware that a restaurant booking will never be made without a regimental viewing of the menu before the phone call is made, and will probably be accompanied by a mental note of exactly what I plan on choosing  Spontaneous trips will therefore often result in a face not disimilar to that below...

Above the deli counter infront of our table hung garlics, hams, chillies and added to the authentically Italian vibe that had been captured so perfectly.

The mozzarella covered bruschetta and salad arrived, both of which certainly brought a smile to my face!

After we had polished off every last piece, we were asked if we wanted dessert. Now, when presented with a dessert menu, I have all the self-restraint in the world. However, when asked to accompany the waiter to the dessert counter to view everything on offer, said self-restraint is nowhere to be seen. White chocolate fondant and nutty chocolate cake happen. Ah well, you get the picture!

So, for Mozzarella & More, head in Kings Road direction and look out for this little sign. Buon Appetito!

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