Monday, 20 May 2013

Bourne and Hollingsworth

Nan's Nightcap.

Welcome to Bourne & Hollingsworth.

Now are you all sitting comfortably? 

Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time in a faraway basement there lived a little room.

So cosy was this room that people travelled from far and wide to experience its warmth and homeliness.

Its walls were covered in flowers and its tables wrapped in cloth. Tea cups and saucers crept in to enjoy the little room and soon they were followed by all sorts of fruits, fizzes and liqueurs.

It was around this time when two courageous voyagers, parched and looking for somewhere to quench their thirst stumbled upon this little room. Down the iron steps they went and pushed open the door to discover the wonders within.

With a pinkish glow, row upon row of bottles stood awaiting their command to be fashioned by the expert hands of their masters into something wonderful.

The two travellers eagerly confronted their map which led them to the land of the beverage and their minds were made up.

A candle found its way into a cup and floated contentedly before being joined by creations that lit up the faces of the pair. 

Traveller E opted for the minty pineapple concoction ... 

While traveller M chose the cucumber in a cup.

Raspberry in a jar joined the table and won the hearts of both the travellers. 

Time flew within this little room and more and more wide eyed adventurers journeyed inside to experience the music and atmosphere of a perfect prohibition parlour. Don't think twice about following in their footsteps.

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