Monday, 20 May 2013

Bourne and Hollingsworth

Nan's Nightcap.

Welcome to Bourne & Hollingsworth.

Now are you all sitting comfortably? 

Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time in a faraway basement there lived a little room.

So cosy was this room that people travelled from far and wide to experience its warmth and homeliness.

Its walls were covered in flowers and its tables wrapped in cloth. Tea cups and saucers crept in to enjoy the little room and soon they were followed by all sorts of fruits, fizzes and liqueurs.

It was around this time when two courageous voyagers, parched and looking for somewhere to quench their thirst stumbled upon this little room. Down the iron steps they went and pushed open the door to discover the wonders within.

With a pinkish glow, row upon row of bottles stood awaiting their command to be fashioned by the expert hands of their masters into something wonderful.

The two travellers eagerly confronted their map which led them to the land of the beverage and their minds were made up.

A candle found its way into a cup and floated contentedly before being joined by creations that lit up the faces of the pair. 

Traveller E opted for the minty pineapple concoction ... 

While traveller M chose the cucumber in a cup.

Raspberry in a jar joined the table and won the hearts of both the travellers. 

Time flew within this little room and more and more wide eyed adventurers journeyed inside to experience the music and atmosphere of a perfect prohibition parlour. Don't think twice about following in their footsteps.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Mozzarella & More: Made in Italy


To begin with, I think we should give the weather a minuscule round of applause for doing its best to sort itself out ... baby steps.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Emma Rose Tully of The Daydreamer for the lovely post she wrote about The Little Brown Book. I'm glad the word is spreading!

And now for the next chapter in my story. With a semi-summery feeling in the air we were drawn to what I believe is one of the most perfect summer foods. Yes, it's all in the title. Mozzarella and more mozzarella. I'm definitely allowed to like it twice as much because it has my name at the end!

Wondering down (or up) the Kings Road, we poked our heads into the volumes of delicious looking eateries until, as if by magic, this appeared infront of our hungry little tummies.

No discussion required. In we went. With tables surrounded by dusty brickwork (we all know my penchant for such decor), jars and wine bottles we felt as if we had walked into the Mediterranean kitchen we had just been dreaming of.

Choosing what to have is always the hardest part. Those who are well versed in the world of Ella will be aware that a restaurant booking will never be made without a regimental viewing of the menu before the phone call is made, and will probably be accompanied by a mental note of exactly what I plan on choosing  Spontaneous trips will therefore often result in a face not disimilar to that below...

Above the deli counter infront of our table hung garlics, hams, chillies and added to the authentically Italian vibe that had been captured so perfectly.

The mozzarella covered bruschetta and salad arrived, both of which certainly brought a smile to my face!

After we had polished off every last piece, we were asked if we wanted dessert. Now, when presented with a dessert menu, I have all the self-restraint in the world. However, when asked to accompany the waiter to the dessert counter to view everything on offer, said self-restraint is nowhere to be seen. White chocolate fondant and nutty chocolate cake happen. Ah well, you get the picture!

So, for Mozzarella & More, head in Kings Road direction and look out for this little sign. Buon Appetito!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Den of Delights.

Perfect for that summer evening, this moroccan taste and sense explosion is nestled inside a miniature jungle just off Regent Street. Another fabulous creation from Mourad Mazouz who was also the man behind my favorite Sketch, Momo will certainly not disappoint.

A sneaky glance at the menu confirmed that nowhere else was going to suffice. Plus, it was contained within golden frames and my magpie tendencies couldn't resist. 

Snuggled in amongst the undergrowth it was time to peruse the menu. 

And what a menu! Upon being told to 'order for both of us' (music to my ears because any food envy or decision making issues are immediately eradicated), it was over to the tapas section with a selection of delicious hot and cold mezze to choose from.

Before the food arrived, I decided it was high time for a little adventure. First on my travels I came across this fabulous armchair which I would like immediately transported to the corner of my bedroom please.

Next, I went to say hello to the chefs who were a tiny bit preoccupied (can't think why) and breathed in the delicious aromas wafting throughout the room.

Turning around, this is what I was confronted with; a buzzing 'den of delights' and the venue of the party I now just have to have!

In search of 'the facilities' I arrived at the top of some stone steps leading to what I hoped was not a minotaur-housing maze,(although that would be a rather great addition to my adventure!)

At the end of the corridor I was met with these delightful doors and some more brilliant glowing stone-work.

Having eventually (it really didn't take that long) found the toilets, I had to unashamedly do the standard loo snap because these keyhole doors really did cut the mustard!

Deciding it was probably time to return to our table, I made my way back, admiring the neighbouring plant on my way...

... and found some delectable dishes awaiting me. Lamb sausages, chicken skewers with a yoghurty mint sauce, grilled peppers and steaming pita made a perfect combination which I would happily have eaten twice over!

On our way out we bid goodbye to this red-capped fellow and emerged back into reality.

One last wander down Piccadilly Arcade and we were ready to call it a night (or evening). Momo definitely has not seen the last of me!

My little outfit: Coat, Shirt (similar here), Trousers (similar here), Necklace, Shoes (similar here), Bag (similar here)

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