Monday, 15 April 2013


Alpine Apples

Escaping from yet another one of England's downpours, we stumbled upon Après and there is no looking back now. Wonderfully authentic without any pretence, this Alpine bar is now nestled within my favorite spots in London.

Warmth radiates from every corner of the pine and leather covered walls. The glow cast from the branch mounted candles and bronze shining lights evokes an unavoidable sense of relaxation. After a hard days work, I certainly can't think of anything better!

These eager beavers didn't wait to even take off their coats before perusing the menu!

And what a menu. We had a giggle over the descriptions! "Happiness is a dry martini and a good woman ... or a bad woman" - George Burns.

We ordered three of the most delightful cocktails I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. We imposed a conveyor belt system so that we could taste all three; aren't friends just great!

From left to right:

Katleya - A house favourite named after the national flower of Venezuela the Queen of orchids.
Santa Teresa Gran Reserva, vanilla sugar, fresh strawberries, lime, lychee juice & rose water // Shaken and served tall

Passion Flower - A sensual coupling of passion fruit and vanilla.
Koskenkorva vanilla vodka, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit juice & gomme // Shaken & served up

Appletini - A delicately balanced concoction, overflowing with fresh apple flavours and far from the stereotypical luminous ‘tini.'
A blend of 3 vodkas, a touch of gin, cloudy apple juice & freshly grated apple // Shaken & served martini style with a caramelized apple slice

(Descriptions borrowed from the Apres menu.)

We had to wait a little longer than usual but this was completely made up for by some cheeky little shots of fruitiness that arrived to say sorry. Apology totally accepted!

When we thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Man with guitar appeared and we arrived in heaven. (Apparently, live guitar music happens every Wednesday night. I recommend you pencil it in!)

The caramelised apple was toffee coated and better than any fairground equivalent on a stick that you have ever got your teeth stuck to. We sipped at a snail's pace to make our drinks last, since work the following morning prevented anything more foolhardy!

The bar on the ground floor looks over the alpine lodge room and doors open out onto an area covered by heaters and shisha. We went for a little explore before we left and discovered a larger cocktail bar downstairs which hosts salsa dancing on a Tuesday evening. I know where I'll be going next week that's for sure!

Aurevoir Après. A la semaine prochaine!

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