Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kitchen & Pantry

Breakfast O'Clock.

Good morning or afternoon. This is where you need to be right now. The perfect cure after those 'eventful' nights where all you want when you awake is to be surrounded by every type of breakfast food imaginable. Welcome to Kitchen & Pantry in Notting Hill.

Upon entering, chalk boards and piles of delicious baked goods greet you with open arms. The hustle and bustle of shining, happy people will lift you right out of whatever mood you may have gone in with.

We decided to opt for some good old fashioned full English breakfasts and a piping hot lemon and sugar crepe accompanied by hot chocolates, coffees and a 'revitalising' or 'rejuvenating' (or some related uplifting named) bright orange juice (with added health factor).

The breakfasts arrived piled on long wooden boards and we immediately set to work. (Forks may have strayed onto surrounding plates..just too tasty to miss)! 

Cloud lifted, we transformed into the smiling, happy people who we saw upon entering and left, ready for the adventures of the day ahead. 

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