Saturday, 9 March 2013

Graphic Bar

Art Smart. 

To celebrate my lovely sister's birthday I booked us a table at Graphic; a great splash of creativity in Golden Square. (The table booking was a little unnecessary but I usually like to be on the safe side)! 

Graphic Bar has everything required to chill the mood for lunch and then pump up the vibe in the evenings. Artwork is displayed on the walls surrounding the tables and the bar has a seriously impressive gin collection!

Took me a little too long to figure out what this spelled .. 

Being a somewhat indecisive type at times, I loved the mix and match feel of the menu. The food is perfect for any appetite since small stomachs can order a mini burger and a salad while those with larger eyes can add chips, another burger or even a little soup cup to their board!

Keeping it light, we didn't go overboard with our food order. I chose the mini beef and cheese burger with salad and polenta chips while the birthday girl went for a lamb and tzatziki alternative and chilli butter sweetcorn (with emphasis on the chilli)!

Around us, people were having business meetings, lunch dates, reconnecting with friends and generally relaxing in the cool and fresh environment. Dare I say it, but I would have felt comfortable coming here alone and there are few places I am willing to say that about!

To drink, we went for a fruity berry collins (I decided alcohol in this instance was not conducive to a constructive afternoon of work) and a pineapple juice. Both refreshing and just right. Next time I will be ordering something which comes served in a paint pot because the menu was far too inviting and I'm a sucker for the novelty!

Thanks Graphic, we are two happy sisters!

P.S. Check out Are We On Time for a little bit of style, stunning photography and adventures of the birthday girl.

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  1. Just discovered your blog - it's great. Love the idea and will be coming back regularly!


  2. This looks like such a fun and sassy place! I love your brown book idea! I'm your newest follower and I found you from the BBN follow-follow group message. I think your blog is pretty great and am happy to follow you now! Can't wait to read more!


  3. this looks like a blast! i need to get to london ASAP!! So happy I stumbled across your blog! it's adorable! Annnddd I am your newest follower hey hey hey! Hope you will stop back by mine and follow!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  4. HEY SISTA - that's me! And it's YOU!
    Veh nice. However, you forgot to get a picture of my toast.


  5. I've walked past here so many times and never been in, I'll definitely have to make sure I go here now!

  6. Hey! Glad I found you on BBN, b/c I'm living vicariously through you! I'm all the way across the sea in Canada. For some reason, that corn is really speaking to me right now!!