Thursday, 28 March 2013

Borough Market

A Magical Market.

How on earth I have managed to avoid Borough Market for so long I have no idea. It may well be one of the best places in London. A grand claim I know, but one which I feel is completely justified. Get on down there and see for yourself if these pictures don't wet your appetite!

To get the most out of our little excursion, we decided to split everything we bought. There were two main advantages to this plan:

A) We would never have made it round the entire market if we had tried to eat an entire portion of each food. (Well, we would have had to roll each other from stall to stall; not the best method of transport I'm guessing)! 
B) Sharing is caring and you get to taste more for your money!

Off we go..

To begin with we sampled little pieces of delicious nutty French Comte cheese (who knew they'de have their very own website but here it is)! This did not satisfy any pangs of hunger (we didn't feel it was quite appropriate to wander round munching on an enormous wedge of cheese although if you were to do it anywhere, I guess here would be it)! Next, we stumbled upon a stand selling Mozzarella. Here was a no brainer, especially when it came served on top of a wafer cone with a teeny dollop of pesto!

Appetite worked up into a frenzy with all the smells and stalls surrounding us, like moths to a flame, our noses led us here.

While waiting in the queue for our next taste sensation, we were swathed in meaty steam. Granted, that sounds pretty nasty and a face full of smoke isn't everyone's cup of tea but we couldn't have been happier!

A burger lovers heaven, these were truly wonderful and oozing with onions and mature cheddar.

Since we picked a day boasting possibly the worst weather imaginable; freezing cold rainy snow (I think all English folk know what I mean here), I take my (very metaphorical) hat off to the one place that made me totally ignore the fact that I couldn't feel my toes! With this in mind, it was time to give our insides a hug with some deliciously warming, hot spiced cider.

Who could resist such a colourful and inviting stall of steaming goodness?

Two large smiles later we decided it was time for a little more exploring.

With cups in hand, we found this rather appropriate umbrella covered square.

And stopped to have a drink..

It was then decided that it was high time for pie time.

There may have been a chance that part of this decision stemmed from wanting my face warmed with pie steam.. I mean who doesn't love a good ol' gravy swimming steak and ale Pieminister Moo Pie?! 

After finishing it, we decided to ignore the protestations from our almost bursting stomachs and headed off in search of something sweet.

However, we got a little distracted when we realised that our fingers and toes had once again become somewhat non-existent and conveniently stumbled upon The Market Porter, fully equipped with log fire, mahogany paneling and crimson walls; everything you want from a pub. (I have serious issues with mediocre pubs and I'm almost certain that they shouldn't exist)!

With 20 warm fingers and 20 warm toes, we made our way back into the market. Brownies, hot crossed buns and a friendly grin from the man at the stall led us here. 

If veg is what you want then Ted seems to have it all covered!

And for those little health bunnies, this place does all the juice you can imagine!

Colourful bouquets drew us in here and we dithered around trying to decide how appropriate it was to buy flowers for each other. We decided that due to a severe lack of knights in shining armour, it was absolutely fine!

Borough Market goes to the top of my list for a perfect day out in London. Get ready for crowds and make sure you arrive with an empty stomach and then be prepared to ignore your following total lack of hunger! I think it's time to pencil my next trip into the trusty moleskine. 


  1. I love Borough Market, it's such a great day out and the food is just amazing! The brownies and cookies are always awesome whichever stall you go to. Haven't found that mozzarella cone before though! Looks delish!

    Nancy |

  2. I've never been to Borough Market, but loved reading this post, lots of photographs to get a feel for the place, looks very busy and full of food! I'd definitely have to look this up if I ever came to london :D xx