Thursday, 21 March 2013

Asia de Cuba


Off to the theatre and like all sensible thespians, we knew it was essential that a pre-show meal was consumed to avoid the crinkling and munching of overpriced theatre snacks we never really need. Destination of choice; Asia de Cuba, a creative mix of tastes from Asian and Cuban cuisine inside the 'impossible-to-find-unless-you-know-where-you're-going' St Martin's Lane Hotel.

Look out for enormous windows and high revolving glass doors reminiscent of the Emerald City (couldn't help but reference my slip back to childhood at the cinema this week), don't look out for a sign because there isn't one and don't bother asking for directions since even the restaurants next door have no idea where this illusive eatery is. (It is a miracle we made it to our table on time)!

Walking through the entrance is like walking into an alternative universe with a huge candlelit chess set to your right ...

... golden tooth stools (I'm going to have to find me one of these guys)!

Before you enter the restaurant you will be greeted by these friendly faces ...

Once inside, you will be led to your table through a maze of columns decorated with photographs, stacked high with books and covered in plants. Lights are draped over the ceiling and cast a gorgeously warm and happy glow, setting the scene for a perfect evening.

On a little trip to the ladies, I went exploring and found this cute little addition to the book shelf. (A little note to all the ladies out there, I challenge you not to be confused .. you'll know why when you go)!

Arriving at our table we were presented with the pre-theatre sample menu and tried to concentrate on deciding what to eat instead of being distracted by our surroundings.

Our food was a wonderful fusion of Asian and Cuban cuisine. For the main course we had sticky chicken and coconut rice with a delicious avocado and fruit salsa and rocket covered beef with pesto dressing.

To top it all off, we went for the 'Cuban Opera;' a buttery, moussy chocolate and coffee slice of heaven. I am totally unable to resist coffee ice cream so there really was no competition although the rest of the desserts looked wonderful. 

On our way in, we passed these metal stands and admired their metal standiness. On our way out, we realised it was the bar and our admiration increased with 'ooo what a good idea!'

After a perfect meal, we headed over the road to the Noel Coward Theatre to see Peter and Alice. 

The story takes you into the lives of Alice Liddell Hargreaves and Peter Llewelyn Davies; the models and inspiration for Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Seamlessly gliding through the fiction and reality of their lives and those of Lewis Carroll and JM Barrie, the actors represent an engaging and anguishing insight into a different side to these two literary classics. Five star performances from all. (Can you spot the link between the 3 names on the flyer)?

Sitting directly behind Jude Law who is more attractive in person (if that is even possible) was the icing on the cake!

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  1. Hi Ella, great post! I was looking for the best way to contact you, and resulted to a comment on your post. I love The Little Brown Book, it's one of my favourite blogs going at the moment and I was interested in conducting a Q&A with you for my blog! If you're interested please contact me via Contact Us on my blog! Thank you, Emma

  2. This place sounds amazing! And the decor is seriously cool. I'm going to see Peter and Alice in a couple of weeks, wish I was going to be sat behind Jude Law!