Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Paradise


If there was anywhere that has it all, this place would knock it right off the list. As soon as you enter you're in for a treat. Think taxidermy and towering statues, birdcages and chandeliers, cosy yet cool.

Food, drink, dancing .. I could spend the entire day here hopping from the restaurant to the bar to the dance floor upstairs. For the karaoke lovers out there you too can indulge in a spoto singing before heading to the main room to hear the real thing!

If, like me, you panic when confronted by an attractive bartender waiting expectantly for your order, go for an espresso martini to kick-start your evening (no surprises there!)

How could I not play with this? 

And I had to meet the ancestors...   

Go on, have a giggle!

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