Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flat Iron

Grab Your Steak.

Push open the double doors into this meaty haven. The makers of Flat Iron have clearly taken time to ensure everything is just right; be it the butchers aprons hanging by the entrance, miniature meat cleavers at every place, the mug of popcorn as soon as you sit down or simply the most wonderful steak I have had in ages.

There is no need to panic when looking at the menu, you can choose from steak or steak. It is deliciously simple and has made its own contribution to saving the rainforest, hanging on the wall above the tables for all to see.

Set over three floors and seating around 60, this perfect little establishment is casual, warm and welcoming (the knives on the wall are for decorative purposes of course)! Exposed brickwork and glowing lights set a scene of simple satisfaction. 

We arrived for a bit of a late lunch so the salty popcorn was perfect to keep our hunger at bay before the main show! Bonus points because we weren't full before the steak arrived; a serious danger of the dreaded bread basket!

We couldn't really resist a play with the cute little cleavers but once the food arrived, all eyes were focused on the beautifully cooked piece of meat infront of us. Served on wooden boards and helpfully sliced into bite-size pieces, we could find no fault other than the steak didn't stretch the entire length of the table! 

Some creamed spinach, fries and bearnaise sauce added the icing to the cake.

I couldn't stop admiring this little knife and if you too have a penchant for kitchenware or are just equally as strange as me, then you can actually purchase one of your very own at the bar!

Focused on the smaller details, I noticed this iron sitting alone in the corner looking a little forlorn. Perhaps (for those of you who didn't know already) because the iron playing piece in monopoly has been replaced by a cat. I am outraged.

And on a much brighter note, here is a fun fact to leave you with.

Flat Iron don't take bookings but queue or no queue, it's well worth a visit or two.

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  1. Great review. We went here on the weekend and it was absolutely amazing! Definitely will be going back.

  2. There is nothing better than a nice juicy steak and chips. Flat Iron has to be the best new place in town!

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